Universal Heads up Display M12 HUD Upgrade Vehicle Mounted Display Dual Mode OBD2/GPS Windshield Projector

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  • 🚙【What is HUD?】It displays driving data on the front windshield such as speed,RPM,water temperature,voltage single mileage,compass,digital clock,etc.3.5-inch HD display,zero double images, clearly reflection on the windshield,it is pretty clear in the sunny day,rainy day. It avoids the danger of the driver looking down at the dashboard, which ensures the driver's safety and helps the driver stay in top condition.
  • 🚙【Button Function】Function:speed,engine RPM,water temperature,voltage,km/mph switch,power test,single mileage measurement,Water temperature icon,clean fault code,fuel consumption,compass,time.You can toggle the function you want to display with the button.There are two USB ports,you can choose one according to your needs(Note:only one interface needs to be connected.Plugging in two ports at the same time could burn out your car.)
  • 🚙【Simple and Practical Function】When your vehicle breaks down, the clear fault code function can help your car clear fault codes without you having to spend extra money to go to the repair store. It also has 5 kinds of abnormal alarm functions, over speed, engine RPM, water temperature, voltage, fatigue driving and other alarm functions to make driving safer and easier.
  • 🚙【Plug & play Easy to Install】This unit has equipped with 2 cables:OBD2 and USB cable.We do not need to damage your car but just plug them in,then you can use it and modify your car.OBD2 mode is only applicable to most vehicles manufactured after 2008(if you want to use OBD2 mode,please check whether your vehicle has OBD2 protocol or contact us for confirmation before purchase).The GPS mode is perfect for all vehicles.(if your car is not OBD compatible,use GPS mode.)Dual System,Change free.
  • 🚙【QUALITY SERVICE】CE FCC RoHS Certification, Superior quality. The chip with powerful performance and compatibility to make sure dual system, dual-run memory and dual-core processor high-speed operat. 






  • Function of OBD mode: Speed, Engine RPM, Water temperature, Voltage, Single mileage measurement, Automatic light adjustment, Alarm soud switch, KM/H&MPH unit switching, ℃/℉ switch, Clock, Altitude, Fuel consumption, Compass(Driving direction), Driving time, Fault code clearance, 100KM acceleration, Driving distance(Driving distance is displayed when the car is switched off), Automatic power on and off. Over speed alarm, Engine RPM alarm, Voltage alarm, Water temperature alarm, Fatigue driving
  • Function of GPS mode: Speed, Voltage, Driving distance(Driving distance is displayed when the car is switched off), Automatic light adjustment, Time, Satellite number, 100KM acceleration, Compass(Driving direction), Altitude, KM/H&MPH unit switching, Alarm soud switch, Automatic power on and off. Over speed alarm, Voltage alarm, Fatigue driving
  • Compared with GPS mode, OBD mode has more functions than GPS mode: Engine RPM, Water temperature, Fuel consumption, Fault code clearance, Engine RPM alarm, Water temperature alarm. Because OBD mode is based on car to read data, and GPS mode is based on satellite signal to read data.




  • This product just available for cars with OBD2 agreement and EU-OBD agreement(European region: after 03 years, Other region: after 07 years). The Product don’t support JOBD and OBDI.OBD model is not compatible with hybrid electric vehicle, diesel car, pickup truck, RV, computer modified car,it is recommended to use the GPS system. When the device powered on, press the ‘-’ button within 5 seconds to select the GPS system.
  • The following brands are not compatible with OBD2 systems: Renault / Peugeot /Citroen /Fiat /DS /Lamborghini /Jeep /SIMCA /Suzuki /Maserati /Dodge /Jazz /CRV/Hummer (NOTE:If you want to use OBD mode but you do not know if your car is OBD compatible, please confirm with us before purchasing.)
  • If you don't use the car for more than a week, you need to disconnect the HUD from the car, otherwise it will waste electricity.





How to switch between KM / H and MPH?
  • After the HUD boots up and stops flashing, long press the "M" button for 5 seconds to enter setting mode (1-14). Short press the "M" button to switch to item 9, then you can adjust the speed unit (0 is Km/h, 1 is MPH/h) by pressing "+", "-".Finally, press and hold the "M" button for 2 - 3 seconds to save and exit.
How to adjust the speed?
  • After the HUD boots up and stops flashing, long press the "M" button for 5 seconds to enter setting mode (1-14). Item 1 is the speed option, then press the " M " button to enter the setting value adjustment, adjust it according to your own vehicle (usually to 103), and finally press and hold the " M " button for 5 seconds to save it.
  • Since the glass of a car is double glazed, the projection on the glass will have a slight double shadow, but it will not affect the use.
  • If you use the reflective film (contained in the package), slight ghosting will not occur.
  • Attention: Please tear off the protective film before using this product, otherwise it will affect the clarity of the projection.

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