D1S D3S D8S LED Headlight Bulbs 70W 8600LM 6000K White | 2 Bulbs Clearance

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  • 50,000+ Hours Lifespan
  • 2 Year Hassle-free Warranty
  • 10 Minutes Easy Installation
  • 99% of Vehicles are Compatible
  • No Dark Spots, No Shadows
  • Perfect Beam Pattern, No Glare
Type: D3S
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There're 3 options in this product: D1S, D3S, and D8S. Make sure you choose the correct option you need before you order it.

Compared with traditional halogen lamps, FLASAHRK's new D1S D3S D8S LED headlight bulbs have many advantages, such as better visibility, lower power consumption, no need for additional ballasts, and nearly 6 times longer life. Not only that, because they are LEDs, they take up less space than other headlights, generate much less heat, and consume less power.



Much brighter than halogen bulbs: D-Series hid LED bulbs are 3 times brighter than halogen bulbs. Each pair of LED lights provides 8600LM and 6000K whiter and clearer vision, helping you see deer and wild animals in advance, and ensuring safer driving at night.

360°adjustable beam mode: The refraction focus design ensures that the focused beam mode is perfectly covered in front of the vehicle and the dividing line is clearer. Oncoming drivers have no dazzling, no black spots, and are safe and reliable.

30000 hours life: The external driver separates the power supply from the lamp body, which helps the LED lamp beads to dissipate heat, reduce light decay, and have a lifespan of up to 3 years. Please note that the external driver is not a decoder.

Easy to install: 1:1 size design compared with original halogen bulb, real plug and play. Installation in 10 minutes, without any modification and tools, compatible with the dust cover, without tools or modification. Note: We are changing our packaging, you may receive one of the two boxes at random.

98% vehicle adaptability: FLASHARK D1S D3S D8S hid LED Headlight Bulb has a built-in smart CSP LED chip, which is compatible with 98% of vehicle systems. But for some sensitive cars, it may be necessary to install an additional CAN bus decoder.


How to choose the right bulb size?

1. Check your user manual, the part number on the original bulb or search for "car bulb query" online.

2. Select your vehicle model in the optional items on the product details page to double check whether it is suitable.

3. See "Cautions". like:

Note: Low beam (with halogen capsule headlight)" means that our bulbs are only suitable for your car as a low beam when it is equipped with halogen capsule headlights.



Model: D1S D3S D8S

Power: 70W (2 pcs)

Working voltage: DC 9V-18V

Working temperature: -40°C---+85°C

Protection level: IP68

Color temperature: 6000K

Product lamp bead model: 3570

Lumens: 8600LM/set (2 pcs)

Product material: aluminum alloy

Thermal conductive material:2.0 aluminum substrate

Working life: 30000H+

-Check your owner’s manual or search automotive bulb fitment online to find the right bulb size for your vehicle.

-Take off the original bulbs on your car to double-check the size.


 Note: If you want to upgrade the halogen lamp to LED headlights. Please note that the prerequisite for the halogen lamp to be replaced by an LED lamp is that the halogen headlamp has a lens. If the LED lamp is installed directly without a lens, it will cause serious scattering.


Please check the regulations in your state to make sure that the lamp is legal on the street. 


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