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A car’s overall performance depends on several factors including engine design specifications. Over time, car enthusiasts have discovered that there are things that they can do to improve their car’s performance. Many of these improvements involve making changes to small or even major engine processes. One of the goals car enthusiasts often seek with changes is to improve the car’s horsepower. These changes which can be done to a car's engine either involve adding or removing parts to alter specific characteristics of your car's engine. One of those processes that you can perform is called an EGR Delete process. In this article we seek to answer this question, does EGR Delete increase horsepower?


What Is the EGR System In The Car's Engine?

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The EGR System in a car’s engine is designed to help reduce the release of harmful nitrogen oxides from the engine. These nitrogen oxides are produced in the combustion chamber where the nitrogen that is contained in the air is injected into the combustion chamber along with the fuel. While nitrogen is normally inert gas and makes up 80% of the air that we breathe. The EGR valve allows the redirection of some of the nitrogen oxides into the combustion chamber, which can help to reduce the internal engine temperature.


What Is EGR Delete and What Does It Do?

EGR Delete is an aftermarket performance kit that is available from several companies. This kit consists of components that are attached to your car’s engine that essentially remove the EGR valve from the exhaust system. One thing to note, making changes to your car’s engine can have several unintended consequences and should be considered carefully. The pros and cons section later in the article contains most of the things that you can expect to happen if you choose to use this EGR Delete process.


Pros and Cons of EGR Delete Process

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There are numerous things that car enthusiasts use to make improvements to their car's performance. Unfortunately, there are good and bad things that can be attributed to many, if not all of these processes. Some of them involve adding aftermarket parts or removing factory-installed parts.

In this case, the EGR Delete process involves the removal of a specific function in the engine. For this blog post, we will talk about both the pros and cons of using this type of process.


Examples of EGR Delete Systems:

Now that you have a really good idea of what an EGR Delete System can do and some of the benefits. We have included several kits available on the market to choose from. Depending on the vehicle you can choose a Ford 6.0 EGR Delete Kit if you have a Ford vehicle. If your truck is a DURAMAX, then you can look at the DURAMAX EGR Delete Kit. If your truck features a Cummins 6.7, you can choose the Deleting EGR on 6.7 Cummins.


Pros of the EGR Delete Process

  • Internal engine temperature will be lower
  • Increased fuel economy after the process
  • Better response from the engine throttle when you step on the gas
  • It will likely extend the life of the engine
  • Maximize the power of the engine
  • Reduce overall engine breakdowns



Cons of the EGR Delete Process

  • This could cause the EGR to be stuck in the open position
  • Check engine light may continuously illuminate
  • Engine knock is a strong possibility
  • This can lead to reduced horsepower
  • This could cause your vehicle to fail the MOT (Ministry of Transportation) Test in the UK.
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