9006/HB4 LED Headlight Bulbs 100W 6500K ‎22000LM White 2Pcs for Chevrolet/Ford/GMC//Toyota/Dodge/Honda/Nissan/Lexus/Jeep/Mazda

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9006/HB4 LED  Headlight Bulbs

9006/HB4 LED  Headlight Bulbs 120W 6000K ‎14000LM White 2Pcs

Bulb Size: 9006/HB4
Light Power: 100W(50W/bulb)
Color Temperature: Bright White 6500K
Luminous Flux: 22000LM/set (11000LM/bulb)
Lifespan: Over 50000 hours
LED Quantity: 2 bulbs(1 Pair)
Heat Dissipation Mode: Fanless design
Certification: IP67 Water and Dust Seal, CE, RoHS


Perfect Beam Pattern: A focused beam pattern illuminates the road without blinding other drivers; also prolongs the irradiation distance to avoid accidents. Take it easy through suburban areas, and highways.

No more frequent replacements: The FLASHARK LED bulbs strike a perfect balance of performance and lifespan, the bulb can last for 20 years even if you drive for 6 hours at night every day

Triple Cooling System: Premium aluminum body, carved heat sink, and 12000 RPM silent turbofan. An efficient cooling system facilitates the dissipation of heat, prolonging the life of the HB4 LED bulbs to over 50000 hours, greatly saving the cost of replacing bulbs.

Fits For 99% Of Vehicles -- Built-in CANBUS, 9006 LED light bulb is perfectly compatible for 99% of vehicles. Some vehicles may require an additional decoder. Please double-check your owner's manual or original bulb to confirm the correct bulb size before purchase.

9006/HB4 LED Headlight Bulbs

9006/HB4 LED Headlight Bulbs

9006/HB4 LED  Headlight Bulbs 120W 6000K ‎14000LM White 2Pcs

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