A Complete Guide on the Wheel Spacers Flashark

Want to get your truck higher off the ground? Want to have a smooth ride with a seamless experience? Well, installing a front leveling kit with wheel spacers might be your answer.


The wheel spacer is an essential component for vehicles that require additional wheel clearance and stability with an impressive look. They are designed to fit between the wheel and hub assembly, adding extra space and enabling more wheel offset. They can be used to improve the overall performance of a vehicle. It provides more stability when cornering and greater traction occurs while accelerating.

 Flashark front leveling kit

They are also great for creating a custom look, allowing for a wider wheel and tire package fitting. They are available in various materials and sizes to fit different vehicles and wheel types, making them a popular choice for various applications.


What does a wheel spacer do?

Wheel Spacers are essential components that increase the stability of your vehicle by providing a greater distance between the wheel and the hub, improving grip and handling for a smoother and safer ride.

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Must Know Facts About Wheel Spacer

  1. Wheel spacers widen the wheel track and provide better stability and handling for vehicles.
  1. They are typically made of aluminum or steel and come in various sizes and bolt patterns to fit most vehicles.
  1. They increase the offset of wheels, allowing for a wider stance on your vehicle and more clearance for larger tires.
  1. They also help to reduce vibrations and road noise, which can improve the ride quality of your vehicle.
  1. They are a great way to customize your vehicle and give it a unique look.
  1. Get it by a professional mechanic, as improper installation can result in premature tire wear or even dangerous driving conditions.
  1. Always check the manufacturer's recommendations and torque values when installing wheel spacers to ensure safe and proper installation.
  1. Make sure to check the clearance between your wheels and the fender or suspension components after installation to ensure that they are not rubbing or interfering with each other.


Types of Wheel Spacers:

Companies have launched two variants of these spacers in the market. These are the hub or lug spacers depending upon their position.


Hub-Centric Wheel Spacers:

They are designed to provide a perfect fit between the hub of the vehicle and the wheel itself. This ensures that the wheel is securely fastened to the hub and will not wobble or vibrate during use.


The hub-centric wheel spacer is designed to fill the gap between the hub and the wheel while maintaining the wheel's balance and stability. They are made from heat-treated aluminum alloy, which is incredibly durable and lightweight, making them ideal for use in high-performance vehicles.


Lug Centric wheel spacer:

They are designed to be installed between the wheel and the lug nuts. This ensures that the wheel and lug nuts are properly aligned, and the wheel is securely fastened to the hub. They are typically made from machined steel, which is incredibly strong and durable and can handle extreme temperatures. 


This design also allows for a more even distribution of pressure on the lug nuts and wheel. However, the pressure is spread out evenly over the surface of the wheel.


Both hub-centric and lug-centric wheel spacers are ideal for improving the performance of your vehicle. The hub-centric design helps to increase the stability and balance of the wheel, while the lug-centric design provides a more even pressure distribution on the wheel and the lug nuts. Both designs are incredibly strong and durable and are sure to provide your vehicle with improved performance.


Can Wheel Spacers Stop Tire Rubbing? 

Yes, you can use a wheel spacer to stop tire rubbing. They are designed to move the wheel away from the suspension components and brake calipers, creating more clearance between the tire and the components. This can help solve rubbing issues as long as the spacers are in the correct size.


Measuring the correct size of a wheel spacer:

When it comes to measuring the correct size of a wheel spacer, it's important to measure the distance between the wheel hub and the wheel rim to ensure that the spacer will fit securely and safely. You should measure the distance in millimeters and include the thickness of the wheel hub and the wheel rim.


 It is also important to measure the diameter of the wheel hub and the wheel rim to ensure that the wheel spacer will fit correctly. Additionally, if the wheel spacer has any specific installation requirements, such as a certain number of studs and/or nuts, then these should also be taken into account when measuring the wheel spacer size.


Levelling Kit with wheel spacers:

A leveling lift kit with wheel spacers is ideal for those who want to raise their vehicle's ground clearance and improve its handling.


Using a combination of the two makes it possible to create a more comfortable ride while also making sure that the ride is more stable when it comes to cornering and taking on rough terrain.

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  • Improve the look and performance of your vehicle.
  • Provide stability, better handling, and improved cornering.
  • Allow for larger tire installation, which increases traction and off-road capabilities.
  • Add a custom look to your vehicle.
  • Easy to install, requiring only basic tools and some mechanical know-how.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Available in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials, allowing you to customize your ride to your exact specifications.


  • Creates an excessive amount of stress on the wheel studs and lug nuts. If the wheel studs and lug nuts become loose, driving can be dangerous, especially at high speeds.
  • Cause the wheel bearings to be overloaded and wear out faster. This can lead to increased repair costs and a shortened life of the wheel bearings.
  • Cause vibrations due to the increased distance between the wheel and the hub.
  • Requires more maintenance than the average wheel. This includes checking the wheel studs and lug nuts regularly to make sure they are tight.


This article provides a comprehensive guide to purchasing and installing wheel spacers. It outlines the pros and cons of wheel spacers, explains how to measure for the correct size, and provides tips for installation. The article also includes safety and maintenance tips for long-term use. Overall, this will be a helpful resource for anyone looking to purchase and install them.

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