How to help your car get through summer Flashark

So hot this summer 

Since the end of June, many places in the United States have encountered terrible and rare high temperatures. The high temperature in the Washington area of the United States once reached 49.4 degrees Celsius, and it is still hit by high temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius.

At such a high temperature, our cars also need to cool down. Here to recommend the star product in our store-Windshield Sun Shade Umbrella.

Use it 

No hot seats, no hot steering wheel nor more complaints. Happy and cozy trips during the hot summer days with your family, children, pets, friends!

FLASHARK-Car-Windshield-Sun-Shade-Umbrella-Foldable-Car-Sun-Umbrella-Anti-UV-Visor Coated-Silver-Version-Before-After
FLASHARK-Car-Windshield-Sun-Shade-Umbrella-Foldable-Car-Sun-Umbrella-Anti-UV-Visor Coated-Silver-Version-Store-Multiple-usage-scenarios

Multiple usage scenarios

Car parasol can not only be used to prevent scorching sun in Summer, but is also suitable and helpful in all seasons and harsh weather, like heavy snowy or rainy weather. Multi-purpose brings you more convenience.

FLASHARK-Car-Windshield-Sun-Shade-Umbrella-Foldable-Car-Sun-Umbrella-Anti-UV-Visor Coated-Silver-Version-Store

Easy to Use and Store

Come with high-grade leather case-- This windshield shade folds up small and fits into the included pouch. Easily store under the seat or in the trunk.easy to use and non-destructive installation, complete the installation within a few seconds.

FLASHARK-Car-Windshield-Sun-Shade-Umbrella-Foldable-Car-Sun-Umbrella-Anti-UV-Visor Coated-Silver-Version-Store-Display2

Protect Privacy

With this sunshade,you can be free in your car!

FLASHARK-Car-Windshield-Sun-Shade-Umbrella-Foldable-Car-Sun-Umbrella-Anti-UV-Visor Coated-Silver-Version-Feature

Durable Material

Made of is made of high-hardness steel, this car sunshade umbrella is heat insulation, UV block and reliable to use for long service.


FLASHARK-Car-Windshield-Sun-Shade-Umbrella-Foldable-Car-Sun-Umbrella-Anti-UV-Visor Coated-Silver-Version-Size

Firm Skeletons Structures

10 Strong skeletons and the stable support ensure the durability of this car sunshade umbrella.

FLASHARK-Car-Windshield-Sun-Shade-Umbrella-Foldable-Car-Sun-Umbrella-Anti-UV-Visor Coated-Silver-Version-Display

Protect Yourself and Car

Automotive windshield sunshade can effectively protect you from sunlight and provide you with a cool driving environment, keep the seats and dashboard from cracking due to sun exposure.

We have 100% confidence in product quality; this will be a wonderful gift for your car and the hot sun!

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