The 6.7 EGR deletion kit is a popular modification for Ford Powerstroke trucks. The exhaust gas recirculation system must be removed since it could lead to carbon buildup and engine pinging. Deleting the EGR system enhances fuel efficiency and decreases carbon accumulation and engine pinging. This way, however, can void your warranty and make it hard to pass emissions tests. Because the kit is a modification that alters the emissions system of the truck.

Understanding EGR Systems

Automobiles use Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems to lessen exhaust emissions.

EGR systems work by recirculating some of the exhaust gas back into the intake manifold. This minimizes NOx emissions by lowering the temperature of the combustion process. The amount of oxygen in the combustion chamber is reduced likewise. The EGR valve needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly. It can slow down the throttle response of the engine. The EGR system is a relatively complex mechanism prone to malfunction. Plus, it might cause engine problems because it is prone to failure.

Why Is The EGR Delete Kit Needed?


Modern automobiles frequently use EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) systems. However, they can have significant disadvantages. Some car owners are choosing EGR delete kits as a result. Bypassing the (EGR) system is intended to increase engine performance. The engine can operate more efficiently without the EGR system. But not all jurisdictions may allow EGR deletion kits. Before making a choice, you should carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks of EGR deletion kits.

Some car owners choose EGR deletion kits as a result of the EGR systems’ downsides and restrictions, which include the following:

  • Performance:EGR systems can lower engine performance by weakening the air-fuel combination.
  • Carbon Buildup:EGR systems may result in the accumulation of carbon on the intake valves and other engine parts. This may result in a decrease in airflow and misfires.
  • Reliability:Leaks and faults in EGR systems are possible. Poor performance and costly maintenance can result from this.


What Is A 6.7 Delete Kit?

A 6.7 EGR Delete Kit is a mechanical modification to improve the performance and fuel economy of a diesel engine. It removes the EGR valve and associated components from the engine. Thus, it allows the engine to let more air in and burn fuel more efficiently. As a result, horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency all significantly increase.

The EGR Delete Kit includes a few components, including:

  • Block-off plate for the EGR valve
  • Block-off plate for the EGR cooler
  • High-flow air intake.

Some states may prohibit the use of an EGR Delete Kit. So, check your local authorities before installing a kit. The cost of an EGR delete kit varies depending on the kit you choose and the labor costs in your area. Likewise, weigh the pros and cons before making this modification. If you are concerned about the noise level or the engine damage, you may want to consider other options.

Performance Benefits


EGR Delete Kit - a modification that can highly improve the performance of diesel engines. The EGR valve causes increased soot buildup, decreased horsepower, and poor fuel economy.

A 6.7 EGR Delete Kit removes the EGR valve and associated components from the engine. Up to 20% more horsepower can be achieved with an EGR Delete Kit. Up to 10% better fuel economy can be achieved with an EGR Delete Kit. EGR Delete Kits can help to reduce turbo lag by allowing the engine to breathe more freely. If you install an EGR delete kit, get your truck checked by a qualified tuner. It will ensure your truck is running properly and meets emissions requirements.

Installation Process


  1. Disconnect the battery. It is important to do this before you start any work on the engine, as it will prevent any accidental electrical shorts.
  2. Remove the air intake tube. It will give you access to the EGR cooler.
  3. Disconnect the EGR cooler lines. Be careful not to spill any coolant.
  4. Remove the EGR cooler. There may be a few bolts or screws that hold it in place.
  5. Install the EGR delete kit. This will usually involve a block-off plate and a set of hoses.
  6. Reinstall the EGR cooler. Make sure the coolant lines are properly connected.
  7. Reinstall the air intake tube.
  8. Reconnect the battery.

The installation of a 6.7 EGR Delete Kit is a relatively straightforward process. EGR delete kits are typically available for purchase online or from aftermarket performance shops.

Here are some additional tips for installing an EGR Delete Kit:

Make sure you have all the necessary tools and parts before you start. Read the instructions carefully and follow them. Take your time, and don't rush. Ensure that the kit is compatible with your truck model year and engine. If you are not comfortable working on your truck's engine, have a professional install the kit for you.


Some pros of the delete kit are as follows:

  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced emissions
  • Increased reliability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved throttle response
  • Reduced exhaust back pressure
  • Increased resale value


  • Possible engine damage
  • Voided warranty
  • Illegal in some states
  • Requires specialized knowledge to install
  • Increased noise level
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Difficulty passing emissions tests

Final Words

Both performance and emissions are benefited from the 6.7 EGR Delete Kit. While decreasing emissions, it increases horsepower and torque. This dual advantage makes the 6.7 EGR Delete Kit perfect for improving vehicle performance without compromising emissions compliance.

Towing large weights or off-road driving are two situations where the 6.7 EGR Delete Kit excels. However, the 6.7 EGR Delete Kit nullifies your truck's original manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure the installation of the kit is permitted. If you're thinking about installing a 6.7 EGR Delete Kit, please ensure you know all the aspects. Reach out to Flasharkracing to discuss whether or not an EGR delete kit is right for your truck.


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