Hey, guys, today I'm going to bring you something good.You can't help but give your damn praise when you see it.Although it looks small, it is definitely useful.See here are you wondering, what the hell is this thing.Guys let me introducing, an adaptation to the armrest of Mercedes Benz box store content box. I'm sure you're wondering. Is that it?


For your driving experience, we have added a layer of non-slip mat above the armrest case to prevent small items from dancing in the armrest case. As shown in the picture, we have added a matching anti-slip pad to the armrest case.We also designed a coin slot so you don't have to look around when you want to use these “little things”.You must have noticed why there is a hole here.This allows us to take into account that when you use the charging cable to charge your mobile phone or use CarPlay, the charging cable can pass through the storage box to the upper space perfectly.


You asked me how to install, I can clearly tell you, this thing even your child need only aim at one click can perfect adaptation card slot.Such a good thing is still hesitating what, quickly order enough to buy, to late can not have.

Look at this beautiful arc, there is a sense of separation.Next, let me introduce the specifications of this armrest box in detail.The length and the width are 10.78 in. and 5.23 in.respectively.You asked if you could fit in with your “big brother”,I can be very responsible to tell you, this armrest box is the original car model, there is no more suitable than our home on the market.



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