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For a car lover, modification is always the greatest pleasure. People seem to be obsessed with replacing the exhaust pipe to get a deeper sound. We have put a few common tail throats on the shelves, and they are indeed better in color, but the similarity and small differences do not seem to attract the attention of customers. With the continuous efforts of our colleagues, we have found one that is both cool and Loud exhaust pipe.

A luminous exhaust pipe


Our staff also liked this very much, and took it back to test it. After professional installation, he replaced the tail throat on his car. He couldn’t put it down. After installing this tailpipe, he drove a lap on the road, He couldn't put it down. After installing this tailpipe, he drove a lap on the road, attracted many people to stop and watch, people were curious about this shiny thing, and some even came up to ask brother where you bought this ?Seems to arouse the interest of car lovers. But we only had one sample at the time, so we couldn't give it to some people.. While ensuring that our product will be welcomed, our factory ran full horsepower to produce it and put it on the shelves as quickly as possible. If you are interested, please contact us. We will give you a discount to ensure that you can buy your beloved at a reasonable price.

Fashionable and dazzling, high-temperature resistant LED lights will produce a blue flame effect after installation, which is very cool at night. The creative design with LED lights produces stunning visual effects. I believe you will love it. No need for welding and drilling. Just fix the screw to the proper position of the wrench tail tube. he use of durable stainless steel design, strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, during the waterproof period, save your energy and time.

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