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If you’re in the market for custom tuning your car, there’s plenty of things you can work on, but one of the more pressing solutions with an engine is always the long-term health. How will you keep it stable after altering essential components? You can increase your vehicle’s performance without risking a dirtier engine with an EGR Delete Kit. These kits replace the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system by removing the valve, which prevents the exhaust from redirecting back into the engine. It gives you a cleaner burn for any kind of engine power.


EGR Delete Kits are based on engine types. All engines are different, so it varies by the make of the car, the EGR model within the engine and also depends on the size of the engine. The EGR system in a Ford is different from other engines. Even small increments make a difference when it comes to the exact processes of an engine that makes it run.

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The EGR Valve, when it’s working, will mix a small amount of the exhaust from the engine back into the regular air supplied through the intake. This small portion is still enough to keep the precise chemical exchanges intact inside the engine chambers. It can help alter the firing temperature of the combustion chambers at the trade-off of leaving dirtier air than normal inside to alter that reaction.


An EGR Delete Kit makes it so that your engine functions as if no EGR valve is in place, but without leaving a gaping opening in the engine which can lead to massive damages. This is a safe way to conduct the same process. With this alteration in place, you will notice more power from your engine and less fuel consumption. This is because the engine doesn’t have to compensate for the added mixed air in the fuel that has impurities that stifle the burn. Not only that, the cleaner burn which adds more power will also not have the component of smoke and soot that damages pistons over time.


It’s a quick process to get more performance out of your car. Your engine will thank you with added revs, faster speed and a longer lifespan. Delete Kits are sold by make and model, down to the specifics of a 6.7L Ford powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, and the Chevy Duramax model of LBZ, LLY, LML and so on.

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