Why Do You Need A Dash Cover for Your Vehicle? Flashark

Installing a dashboard cover is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the aesthetic and functionality of your car's interior. A dashboard cover guards against sun damage, which can lighten your vehicle's appearance and possibly cause the material of your dashboard to crack. Additionally, they can shield previously present UV damage and shield clothing from stains caused by food and drinks.

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What Is A Dashboard Cover?

A dashboard cover is a custom overlay that has both concealing and protecting qualities. It can either hide or guard against environmental influences and human error. They have cutouts for air vents and controls, and they fit nicely over the front dashboard of a car. Many automobile owners utilize their vehicles to display their sense of style and personality. They are available in a number of colors and materials, including as velour, suede, and carpet. They are a great way to personalize your car and give it a distinctive flair.


5 Reasons Why Dash Mats are Worth It

Most likely, you've heard arguments over dash mats. Should you get one for your car's dashboard or leave it alone? This automotive component is essential for dash mat supporters. It guards against UV deterioration and aids in obtaining the maximum resale value should you choose to sell the car in the future. Your best defense against sun glare and scratches is a set of dash mats.

Dash mats, however, are not universally agreed upon by everyone. So, what use does using a dash mat serves? We'll provide five reasons in this blog post for acquiring a dash mat for your automobile.

flashark dash cover

1. Prevent Ultraviolet (UV) Damage

We are all aware of the skin-damaging effects of strong UV light. However, did you also realize that subjecting your car to UV rays could harm it? Your windshield can let in UV rays, which over time, cause the car's vibrant paint and graphics to fade. If they are not protected, they may also cause physical harm to the dash over time.

Because of this, you will frequently find dashboards deteriorate quickly in hot, sunny climates. Get Dash Mate to avoid this unflattering appearance. It is a dashboard cover that is specifically made to fit your dashboard flawlessly.

2. Prevent Additional Damage to the Dash

The dashboard will be one of the first things potential buyers will inspect if you decide to sell your car. This is so they can see how well you have maintained the vehicle, which the dashboard does quite effectively. These prospective customers, like you, don't want to purchase a car with a fading, cracked, or broken dashboard. Don't put off providing your car with the protection you can. Use a dashboard cover that acts as a shield to protect the dashboard of the car, such as Dash Mate.

3. Hide Blemishes

Many drivers are unaware of how much physical heat the dashboard endures. It is actually one of the car's most neglected components, which is why it ages and wears out more quickly than other parts. You can use an economical option if you discover that the dashboard already has unsightly cracks and blemishes. Simply attach a dash mat, and those flaws are hidden from view.

The cover of a dash mat is not attractive, which is a major drawback. And for this same reason, automobile owners would prefer not to use a dash mat and instead have a dashboard covered in flaws. But the good news is here. Dash Mate makes your dashboard look more sophisticated and beautiful. It differs from other subpar items today that provide average protection and an ugly appearance. Dash Mate is available in black and coal (or grey) colors and fits your dashboard like a glove.

Additionally, the material effectively blocks UV rays, so you never have to be concerned about your dashboard getting even more brittle.

4. Keep Your Car Cooler

Many automobile owners are unaware of the additional cooling benefits provided by dash mats. It actually makes logic, though, if you think about it. The windshield of your car produces a magnifying glass-like effect. Heat can easily move from the windshield to the dashboard when the sun is shining on the latter. Therefore, the dashboard is the primary cause of the air conditioner not functioning as usual when you're driving. It gets so hot that you could practically cook on it.

You can stop that heat transmission by using a dash mat. A dependable dashboard cover that dissipates heat from the sun and the environment is Dash Mate. In this manner, the high interior temperature effectively evaporates, preventing it from affecting the dashboard's original materials. It helps safeguard the dash so that it does not disintegrate. If you put off covering the dashboard for too long, it can become damaged and need to be replaced. Install a cheap dash mat in place of that pricey choice.


5. Reduce Glare

Yes, not all vehicles have an issue with windshield glare. Everything is dependent on the windshield and the original dash design. But if yours has windshield glare, it is, to put it mildly, unpleasant to drive. It is inconvenient to constantly shade your eyes from the sun's glare. Sunglasses are an option, although they may not always be sufficient. Occasionally, you might decide against wearing sunglasses.

The long-term remedy for windshield glare is dash mats. If the bright light is causing you problems, this is just what you need. The best option for glare protection is Dash Mate. Black and grey are darker colors that are known to absorb light rather than reflect it.

flashark dash cover

Dash covers are a good investment. They are simple to use and install. They won't damage your dashboard and are safe to install on it. Peel off the dash cover whenever you wish to remove it. There may be some sticky buildup, but you can get rid of it with a little rubbing alcohol.

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