Your New Year Gift---Car Gypsophila Light Strip Is Coming

What is Flashark Gypsophila car light strip?

It is a kind of USB interface light, which can be used in cars, bedrooms, living rooms, parties, bars, and other occasions that need to enhance the atmosphere.
Each of this light bar has three grained lamp beads design, a total of 4 light bars. Make your residence, car, meeting place full of atmosphere,
and a sense of ritual. It is controlled by remote control. There are 7 colors in total. With a low price, you can get value-for-money items.

What's the features of this car light strip?

1.Its lights are as beautiful as the stars in the sky, and there are 7 colors
2.USB port for all models, more convenient, don't worry about the sudden loss of power
3. Automatic light changing, alternating color matching of seven colors, beating rhythm of music, create the atmosphere inside the car
4.High-bright wick, silicone seal outside, low power, high brightness.
5.Waterproof, anti-collision, anti-corrosion, DC 5V USB socket, with an on/off button on top to press to turn the light on or off, Remote Control 7 Color RGB.
6. Set off the festive atmosphere and bring you a happy New Year.
7. Let your travel add color and atmosphere

Why should we buy it?

Because the new year is coming, we need it to create a festive atmosphere. It can not only be used in various places. For example, car trips, parties, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. can also bring you happiness. Science shows that people's happiness will increase under certain lighting atmosphere. It can also make your New Year trip full of fun and no longer monotonous. If you don't like traveling, no problem. It can also be used in your bedroom, party, dance room. God, I have never seen such a versatile lamp. The most important thing is that the installation is super simple and comes with instructions. 

The new year is coming, get it!
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