LED Wheel Light Kit 4Pcs Blue-tooth App Controlled

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Color: 15.5'' Rainbow Gradient
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FLASHARK 4pc 15.5" Million Color LED Wheel Ring Accent Lighting Kit

Flashark’s LED Wheel Ring Light Kits revolutionize the look of your car or truck with powerful SMD LED lighting and innovative lighting effects which combine to create a completely transformed look for your vehicle’s rims.

This kit features 4 ultra-bright 5050 SMD LED wheel ring lights that install directly to the dust shield or hub assembly, allowing them to shine through your wheel with a unique and radiant glow. These SMD LED rings are manufactured from rust-resistant aluminum and measure at 1/8” thickness, resulting in a durable and resilient design. The included control box features 18 solid colors, 5 flashing, 5 scanning, 5 chasing modes, and 5 sound-activated modes, along with a color cycle and million color fade modes.


Wheel-ring-light-detailsFlashark’s Million Color feature lets you experience a nearly unlimited number of variations in the shading of each solid color to create a completely unique look and feel for your wheel ring lights. The control box also easily connects to any 12-volt power source and features 13’ of power and ground wires and a 5 amp fuse for circuit protection.

Flashark’s LED Wheel Ring Light Kit is the ultimate kit for your car or truck’s rims with its visually dazzling SMD LED lighting and diverse set of patterns and features. This comprehensive kit also comes with everything required for installation. Flashark streamlines the installation process with detailed instructions, an installation guide, and installation videos to walk you through it step-by-step.

Measure your car or truck’s brake assembly and wheels in advance to confirm they are compatible with the specs of these wheel ring lights. This Flashark kit is sized to match the wheel diameter and brake assembly diameter of your front and back wheels, and you can measure those respective diameters on both your front and back wheels to confirm the dimensions. These Wheel Ring Lights are designed for wheel tires with a diameter of 20'' or larger and a brake assembly size with a diameter of 15''/17'' or smaller.

About this item

  • FLASHARK SMD LED Wheel Ring Kit Allows Users to Showcase the Wheels of Their Ride by Shining Ultra-Bright Multi-Color Accent Lighting Through the Wheel
  • Please measure the diameter of your wheel hub, make sure that the diameter of the wheel hub is smaller than the diameter of the wheel light, then you can install it. 

  • Control Box Features 18 Solid Colors, 5 Scan Modes, 5 Flash Modes, 5 Chase Modes, 5 Sound Activation Modes, 1 Color Change Mode & 1 Color Fade Mode - Solid Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Teal, Purple, Pink, Aqua, White, Lavender, Yellow, Light Green, Lime Green, Pale Green, Light Blue, Pale Blue, Light Purple & Light Pink
  • Includes: Heavy-Duty Aluminum Wheel Rings, Waterproof Light Strips that House 144 SMD LEDs, Control Box, Wireless Remote, 4-Port Wheel Ring Junction Cable, 5 Pre-Attached Brackets, 2 Clip-On Brackets, 10 Pre-Drilled Holes Per Ring & Detailed Instructions to Walk Users Through the Installation Process Step-by-Step


Color: Multi-Color
Item Weight: 8.15 pounds
LED Wheel Ring Light Size: 15.5"/17.5'' Diameter
Fits Wheels: Smaller than 15.5/17.5 inch
Light Source Type: LED
Voltage: 12 Volts
Fitment: Universal Fit
Water Resistance Level: Waterproof


1. 4pcs Aluminum Wheel Light
2. 288pcs Ultra-Bright Wide Angle SMD LEDs
3. Million Color Dream Control Box
4. Universal Fit for different Wheel of Vehicle
5. Durable Silicon tube with waterproof Play&Plug
6. Free Lifetime Technical Support

Package Included:

4 x Aluminum Waterproof Wheel Rings Light Strips with Wiring Hardness
5 x Brackets
1 x LED Music Bluetooth & IR RGB Controller
1 x One to Four Control Wiring Hardness
30 x Installation Screws


Installation Reference of Flashark LED Wheel Ring Light Kit:


Step 1 – Access Your Brake System Vehicle brake rotor

Begin by removing the wheel from your vehicle. Behind each brake system is a metal brake dust shield. This is what will be used to mount your FLASHARK LED wheel rings. If your brake shield is extremely dirty, wipe it down with a wet rag or cloth.
Step 2 – Align Lighting Ring
Mock up the light ring in the desired location. You should test your ring before going any further by connecting it to a DC 12V. While testing, check the way the light reflects and mark the ring in the desired location.
Step 3 – Attach Mounting Brackets
Each ring has five mounting brackets, select the location according to your needs - remove the unneeded brackets. The pre-drilled hole is where the ring mounts to the bracket. However, you will need to drill through the aluminum ring and use the self-tapping screws to drill through the dust shield. Use the self-tapping screws to attach the dust shield and the bracket at the same time. This will ensure that the bracket is mounted tightly to the dust shield.
Step 4 – Mounting Wheel Ring
Use your drill to make necessary holes in the aluminum led wheel ring in the locations that have been marked in previous steps. You should now be ready to permanently mount each lighting wheel to its specified brackets. Be sure to position it correctly and make sure all screws are fully tightened.
Step 5 – Fasten Wires
All wires should be securely fastened. Use zip ties to attach your wiring to the factory brake lines. Slack is required around the control arms to allow the vehicle’s suspension to have full articulation and motion without causing damage to the wiring.

Customer Reviews

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Jason B. (Melbourne, US)
LED wheel light kit

These lights look awesome on my Ford F-150. Over 256 different modes available in the phone app to choose from. Great value, sturdy construction of the material, overall quality is pretty darn good. I would recommend these to anybody looking for a wheel light kit.

Daniel L. (Beaumont, US)

FLASHARK 15.5" RGB Dynamic Colorshift Universal Waterproof LED Wheel Ring Light Kit 4Pcs Blue-tooth App Controlled

Thank you for your reviews. I believe your comments can also help other customers. Welcome to visit next time

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