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An EGR valve encourages smooth and efficient working of the engine. It functions to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. This is done by recirculating the exhaust gases back into the engine. This sounds great, right? Then why would anyone wish to have their vehicle’s EGR deleted? Unless you gain an understanding of EGR Delete, it will be impossible for you to determine if you should get one for yourself or not. We’ll take you through a comprehensive guide that will help you see things clearly. 

Demystifying The Role Of EGR Delete And It’s Impact | Flashark

Unveiling the Truth about EGR

Before talking about deleting the EGR system, we must talk about the EGR valve. It is a device used in vehicles for the sole purpose of lowering toxic emissions. It is placed in the front of the vehicle’s engine as it reroutes the unburnt carbon emissions, nitrogen, and water vapors back into the engine. Although this system helps the vehicle comply with emission standards, it comes with its drawbacks. The most significant one is that it recirculates soot in addition to exhaust gases. Soot gathers in the engine from time to time and starts forming a deposit. This impacts the engine negatively and this is exactly where the role of Flashark EGR delete kit kicks in. 

Performance Gains from Deleting the EGR
Recirculated particulate matter which builds up as soot clogs the intake system and reduces airflow to the engine. This goes against the original purpose of allowing the engine to efficiently work. By removing the EGR system, we allow airflow to the engine to improve as well as carbon build-up to decrease. This enables better performance. Therefore, better performance gains are one of the primary advantages of an EGR deletion. 

What are the Problems Faced with EGR Delete?

While it feels good to bypass a flawed system, it may still come with certain drawbacks of its own. Let’s begin by putting some light on it to help you make an informed decision that best fits your specific situation. Starting with the fundamentals: 

  1. Impact on DPF Regeneration: The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) of your vehicle will be impacted which affects the regeneration process. This, in turn, causes problems in the DPF system.
  2. Effect on emissions: Your vehicle will emit more pollutants. This will add to environmental pollution and go against environmental laws.
  3. Difficulty in Restoring the EGR System: While deleting the EGR is not so complicated, restoring the system is. Once the system is erased, it is difficult to repair or restore without expert help.
  4. Potential legal Issues: Removing EGR defies emission system guidelines and you can be subjected to legal repercussions.
  5. Others: Some diesel vehicles may experience engine knocking, decreased horsepower, and increased exhaust gas temperature.

EGR Delete Benefits

Let’s walk you through some advantages: 

  1. More power: Given that the EGR valve compromises engine performance, you can immediately increase your car’s efficiency and performance by removing it.
  2. Increased Fuel Efficiency: It is the result of burning cleaner fuel because you are no longer rerouting the toxic exhaust gases back into the engine system.
  3. Longer Engine Life: Preventing the soot build-up will lead to an increased lifespan of the engine. This is because premature wear and tear is prevented.
  4. Affordability: An EGR delete Duramax kit will cost you no more than a few hundred dollars.
  5. Cleaner Engine and Increased Reliability: No toxic pollutants will be redirected towards your engine. This will eliminate the possibility of a malfunctioning engine.
  6. Customization: You can customize the performance of your diesel truck engine according to your specific needs. 

Questioning the Legality of EGR Delete

Before opting for EGR deletion, it is necessary to develop an understanding of its legal implications. While some vehicles do pass the MOT test without having their EGR system intact, the majority of them fail. The authority may inspect your vehicle at any time and you may get caught violating the emission system rules and regulations. This will lead to hefty fines or a notice to restore the EGR system right away. Vehicle recovery in case your vehicle is taken away by the authority can be a hassle too. 

Instructions to install the EGR Delete Kit

Instructions to install the EGR Delete Kit
As for the pre-requisites, make sure to have a brand new Flashark EGR kit, wrench metric socket set, slot screwdriver (or pliers, in case you don’t have a screwdriver), Torx head screwdriver, and solvent spray by your side. Make sure your car is parked in neutral, the emergency brakes are turned on, and the negative battery terminal is removed. To protect yourself from burn injury, make sure to have a cool engine. After ensuring safety, your next step is to find and locate the old EGR. You remove its connections including the tube, wiring harness, hose, and clamp, and then finally replace it with the EGR delete Duramax kit

Is it worth the investment?

In conclusion, the decision is all yours to make. But before that, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the pros and cons. Its legal concerns may be problematic as well as its environmental impact. It can also be a total hassle to restore the original system. However, the promise of better performance and saving costs on fuel and engine-related issues can be appealing. It is one of the most affordable modifications your diesel engine can get so choose wisely. 



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