Eliminate Carbon Build-Up For A Cleaner Engine With EGR Delete Kits

Vehicle performance upgrades are popular among drivers. The goal is to achieve boosted performance, in most cases. But sometimes, it is done to get rid of persistent problems in the engine. One of the issues that impacts engine efficiency is carbon buildup, which can lead to a host of problems. To combat carbon buildup, many drivers turn to the EGR delete kit. So, what exactly is an EGR delete, and why do so many drivers turn to it to improve their vehicles? Let’s explore this in detail! 

EGR and Engine Gunk Buildup

Exhaust gases that make a loop through the EGR system are loaded with carbon particles and other contaminants that could continue to accumulate in the collection manifold. The particles gradually collect, which is liable to hinder the airflow and defect the EGR valve operations. The accumulation of harmful dust and particles may deteriorate the engines’ performance and efficiency. Carbon deposition in the intake manifold further affects this chain of combustion and leads to more and more carbon deposition. Installing a 2008 Duramax delete kit to remove the EGR system can lead to improved fuel economy. 

Why You Should Be Concerned?

Over time engine gunk will prevent adequate airflow and cause problems with the combusting process, which can result in decreased performance of the engine and cause problems like slow acceleration. Therefore, you should be concerned:

  • Knowing that the deposits of gunk can make components wear out early and can cause the engine to fail expensively is very crucial. 
  • Cleanliness is a significant factor, leading to greater fuel efficiency and less emissions that cause air pollution and finally resulting in your vehicles failing the emissions tests.
  • Fixing or repainting an old or worn-out engine is more expensive.
  • It reduces the overall efficiency and immediate power of your car, consequently impairing your capability to overcome obstacles on the road when compared to vehicles that haven't experienced a performance decline.
  • An uncleaned air filter or impeded airflow can reduce fuel efficiency. 

Solution: EGR Delete Kits

Solution: EGR Delete Kits - Flashark
An EGR delete kit is a solution for carbon buildup. It consists of a collection of parts that car drivers use to disable or eliminate the EGR system on diesel vehicles. The kit is typically installed between the engine’s exhaust and intake, over the EGR valve and EGR cooler, to prevent exhaust gases from entering the engine. The components of the EGR kit vary depending on the specific engine and vehicle and are often made of steel or aluminum. For example, EGR delete kit lly duramax includes a tube and O-ring assembly, clamp, block plate, gasket, plugs, and bolts, often made of steel or aluminum. 

How EGR Delete Kits Help?


How EGR Delete Kits Help
An EGR delete kit works by removing components of the EGR system to prevent soot-filled exhaust from clogging engine parts and reducing performance. During installation, pipes replace the EGR cooler or carry exhaust gases. The plates block the EGR path by shutting down the system. Once the EGR delete kit (such as the LMM EGR delete kit) is installed, exhaust gases no longer return to the engine. Importantly, removing the EGR valve is reversible. This allows a return to stock exhaust gas recirculation components if necessary. However, some vehicles may require engine computer reprogramming or the use of a tuner to bypass the OBD system after installing the delete kit. 

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Collect all your tools like wrenches and screwdrivers. Wear your gloves and goggles to stay safe.
  2. Look for the EGR parts in your car. They’re usually between the engine’s exhaust and intake.
  3. Make sure the car’s battery is turned off so there are no accidents with electricity.
  4. Carefully remove the EGR valve, cooler, and hoses, following the instructions.
  5. Install the new parts from the EGR delete kit as the instructions show. Use new bolts and gaskets if needed.
  6. Once you are done, turn the car’s battery back on. Always check by starting the car and look for any leaks or strange sounds. If you see any, fix them.
  7. Take the car for a short drive to see if everything works well. 

Post Installation Care

An EGR delete kit installation should be handled with care to prevent any operation problems. Make an inspection of pipes for leaks and strange noises and act promptly just in case you find any. Check your dashboard regularly for warning lights and keep up with your car’s maintenance schedule. Drive with caution and strictly abide by traffic regulations to avoid traffic accidents and maintain your vehicle in a safe and good condition. 

Say No to Gunk!

Say No to Gunk! - Flashark
By removing or disabling the EGR system, you can prevent soot-filled exhaust from clogging engine components and improve overall performance and efficiency. However, it’s important to follow the installation instructions carefully and monitor your car’s performance afterward. Visit Flashark to get your compatible delete kit for a cleaner and more efficient engine. 
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