Duramax EGR-related issues can badly affect your overall driving experience. To resolve the EGR issues, there are two common solutions for you: EGR delete and EGR block-off plates. Whether you need an upgrade to achieve peak engine performance or a solution that adheres to emissions regulations, it is challenging to decide. Therefore, knowing how each option aligns with your specific needs is very important. To better understand, you must consider factors like fuel economy, compatibility, and more. Let’s find out the most suitable option for you.

Duramax EGR Deletion


Duramax EGR deletion is a popular solution for fixing EGR system issues in vehicles. It uses an EGR delete kit to make the engine run cooler by removing the EGR system entirely. This boosts the engine’s power and makes it more efficient. The kit works by replacing the EGR system, including parts like the Intake Bridge and up-pipes. For most Duramax engines, a simple delete kit can yield excellent results. However, if you want to eliminate all unnecessary components, you can opt for a full EGR delete kit package such as Flashark LMM Diesel EGR Delete Kit.


  • Cooler engine operation.
  • More power and torque.
  • Complete removal or replacement of the EGR system.
  • Better engine performance and efficiency.


  • Possible legal issues related to emissions rules.
  • Full kits can be pricier.
  • It’s essential to be cautious and seek advice before using these kits.

EGR Block off Plates

EGR block-off plates are another common solution for addressing EGR issues. The plates, made from durable materials, work by blocking the flow of exhaust gases to the EGR system. This method maintains a level of EGR functionality while preventing the system from functioning at its full capacity. This procedure is reversible, which means they can be removed if necessary. However, it’s important to note that these block plates are designed for off-road use only and may not comply with clean air regulations. Therefore, you should carefully consider their intended application.


  • Easier installation, making it a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts.
  • Reversible solution, allowing for the removal of block-off plates if necessary.
  • Maintains some level of EGR functionality.


  • It offers less performance improvement compared to EGR delete kits.
  • Block-off plates may raise concerns related to emissions regulations in certain areas.
  • Compatibility with specific vehicle models.

Detailed Comparison between EGR Delete and Block-Off Plates

Now, let’s compare EGR delete and EGR block-off plates in detail so you can choose the right one.

1. Performance


EGR delete takes the lead in enhancing performance as compared to EGR block plates. This is because you can entirely remove the EGR system, allowing more efficient combustion of air and fuel. In contrast, EGR block-off plates maintain some EGR functionality but may not deliver the same power and responsiveness. Your choice should align with your performance needs. For instance, if you need top-tier performance, you must try options like LLY Duramax Diesel EGR Delete Kit.

2. Fuel Efficiency

When it comes to fuel efficiency, EGR delete is the top performer. It optimizes combustion and reduces fuel consumption, leading to noticeable efficiency gains. Although EGR block-off plates help save on fuel, they don’t match the level of improvement seen with EGR delete.

3. Maintenance Costs

EGR delete, again, is the winner in terms of long-term maintenance costs. By eliminating several components that are prone to wear and clogging, it results in fewer repairs. Block-off plates also save on maintenance but may require occasional attention related to the EGR system. Opting for EGR delete offers enhanced savings and reduced maintenance hassles.

4. Compatibility

Block off plates take the compatibility crown. They are more versatile and can be adapted to various vehicle types and models, thanks to the retention of some EGR functions. EGR delete kit’s compatibility depends on specific vehicle models. If compatibility is a priority, block-off plates are the preferable choice. However, you can explore a variety of delete kits that cater to different models and makes by browsing through Flashark collections.

Other Factors to Consider

Here’s a list of other factors that you must consider before making a decision:

  • Consider how much you are willing to spend on repairs. EGR delete can help your engine last longer by reducing wear and tear.
  • Make sure your choice fits the rules about vehicle emissions in your area. Some places don’t allow EGR deletion so you could face legal problems.
  • Also, you must think about your budget.

Right Pick for Your Duramax Engine


In light of this comparison, while EGR block plates may be a viable option for some, it’s evident that EGR delete kits have emerged as the superior solution. They offer substantial advantages in terms of performance, fuel efficiency, maintenance cost savings, and compatibility. If you are seeking optimal performance and efficiency, the choice is clear. Consider upgrading with EGR delete kits to achieve the desired outcome. For a powerful upgrade like the 6.6L Duramax LMM EGR Delete Kit, visit the Flashark Store and enhance your Duramax engine’s performance today.


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