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Nowadays, many models are equipped with a navigation function. Although the addition of this function makes it easier for us to drive on city streets, it also creates a very unsafe driving habit, frequently looking at the large screen of the center console. With the development of current technology, in recent years, some luxury cars are equipped with a more advanced HUD-head-up display function. This technology is projected on the windshield in front of the driver to display such as: vehicle speed, speed, gear, Navigation information, speed limit and other information. The birth of this technology avoids the potential danger caused by drivers who frequently look down and look at the navigation on the big screen, etc., due to the deviation of the line of sight from the road ahead, thereby making driving safer.

What exactly is HUD?

How to spend the least money to equip your car with HUD, why is the original HUD so expensive?

HUD-(head up display) head up display, first appeared on fighter jets. In order to prevent pilots from lowering their heads frequently to focus on the instruments, important information is displayed on a piece of transparent glass in front of the line of sight. This technology has been introduced into the automotive field in recent years, but this technology is not widely used in automobiles. When it first came out, the display effect was poor and the cost was high. HUD technology has been tepid. With the improvement and popularization of technology, with better display effects, and the cost is more acceptable to consumers, HUD has returned to our field of vision.

How many kinds of HUD can be divided into?

How to spend the least money to equip your car with HUD, why is the original HUD so expensive?

  1. C-HUD (combined head-up display system)

The C-HUD display method is to place a piece of transparent Plexiglas above the instrument. Generally, this piece of glass will be specially treated according to the imaging conditions. It is usually made into a wedge shape to avoid reflection and ghosting on both sides of the glass, which can effectively control the cost.

How to spend the least money to equip your car with HUD, why is the original HUD so expensive?

  1. W-HUD (windshield head-up display system)

The W-HUD display method is to directly use the windshield of the car, the display effect is clear, and it is also helpful for the modeling arrangement, but because the windshield is generally curved glass, the W-HUD must be based on the size and curvature of the windshield The adaptation of high-precision aspheric mirrors directly leads to the increase in the cost of W-HUD.

How to spend the least money to equip your car with HUD, why is the original HUD so expensive?

  1. AR-HUD (Augmented Reality Technology Head-up Display System)

AR-HUD is a brand-new head-up display technology. Through the combination of AR technology and HUD function, the driving information of the vehicle can be presented in a more vivid and dynamic form, and it is also clearer, and the imaging area is larger, similar to 3D Like projection, real-time updates of car condition information and navigation information, and it can also combine ADAS functions to predict road conditions and pedestrian information in time. However, the current models equipped with AR-HUD technology are only the new generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The main reason is the cost. Too high and technological maturity, I believe that it will not be long before there will be more luxury car applications.

Where is HUD expensive?

  1. The display quality of a variety of scenes

How to spend the least money to equip your car with HUD, why is the original HUD so expensive?

When we drive a car on a daily basis, we encounter various environmental and light effects on the road, such as: daytime, big sun, backlight, forward light, night, rain, fog and other conditions. These different scenes have an impact on the HUD. The display will be affected, and the brightness, contrast, clarity, and ghosting of the HUD display must be adjusted according to the different light. When driving at night, the display effects of these three HUDs are not problematic, but in the ambient light When it is better, the C-HUD will have a serious lack of brightness, causing the driver to confirm the driving information multiple times. This will not happen in the W-HUD and AR-HUD, but this also leads to the cost of these two HUDs. One of the reasons for higher.

  1. Imaging size and visual range

The imaging sizes of C-HUD, W-HUD and AR-HUD are 6-8 inches, 7-12 inches, and 9-55 inches, respectively. W-HUD and AR-HUD have larger display sizes and wider viewing angles. At the same time, facing different consumers, there are also better displays. Both male and female users can see the projection screen on the windshield from different angles, while the C-HUD display needs to be adjusted by different projections. The angle achieves a better projection effect.

  1. Display content combined with road conditions

How to spend the least money to equip your car with HUD, why is the original HUD so expensive?

The fusion of AR-HUD and road conditions is the problem that needs to be solved now. To achieve this feature, the front-view camera needs to analyze and model the road conditions in front to obtain the position, distance, and size of the object, and then feedback to the HUD projection. In terms of location, the human eye is in the same line of sight with the HUD display surface and the real road. It is better to present the road condition information in the windshield more accurately to achieve a sufficiently immersive AR experience, which requires powerful computing capabilities.

The times are advancing and science and technology are innovating. Looking back at the development of automobiles in recent years, the configuration of automobiles has also undergone great changes, and the arrival of high-tech configurations has made the current way of travel easier and easier, and emerging technologies have also brought more convenience. Driving experience, and HUD is one of them. If you pursue a sense of technology and want a safer driving environment, choose HUD if you can choose HUD.

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