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When it comes to car interiors, many car owners especially like to use the color of the lighting to set off them, they think that the interior without lighting is like lifeless, like a building, grand in shape, and at night, without lighting, it will It gets dim, and so does the car interior.

Ambient lighting in the car has become a major tool for improving the interior. At first, ambient lights were mostly used in luxury cars. With the popularity of ambient lights, many economical family cars are equipped with this configuration. However, there are still many private cars that do not have this configuration, and they can only be added in later modifications. What exactly does the atmosphere light do? Let’s take a good look at the popular science of Flashark.

The benefits of installing ambient lighting

1.Improve appearance

The biggest advantage of ambient lighting in a car is that it improves its appearance. The interior has been determined and cannot be changed, so if the mood lighting is added everywhere in the car, turn it on and the soft light will naturally adhere to the lines of the center console and the upholstery on the door panels. It feels good and romantic.


The light source of the ambient light is mainly LED light, the light is very soft, the transition is very natural, and the depth is very shallow. Although the light is not concentrated and the brightness is not high, it is still light after all, and the light will bring light to a certain extent. In this small space, it can still play a role in lighting. It's easy to get drowsy when driving at night, and the surrounding lights can remind you at any time. Some mood lights also have a breathing function that can change color at any time with the rhythm of the music, not to mention how fun it is.

3.Interaction of lights.

Light is alive, how to make the light in the car come alive, the most direct way to feel it is to interact with people. Automatically change interior lights according to people's mood and state? Or a memory of light, a specific pattern for a specific occasion? For example, when checking that the guests in the car are young women, it will automatically change to light pink. For example, the intensity of the lights in the car will be automatically adjusted with the intensity of the natural light outside the car, such as the combination of music and lights in the car, such as too many, such as me I think it is the concept of introducing lights in smart cars.

4.Home lighting.

With the rapid development of unmanned driving, people can do more and more things in the car, and the concept of instant air is becoming more and more prominent. The ambient lighting in the car will try its best to create a warm and comfortable home atmosphere, and the lighting in the home design will strictly consider the color temperature, hue, the interaction between different light sources, and the specific relationship between different colors of lights and people's psychology and physiology. It's not just about color or light intensity.

There are also some caveats

1.Brightness should not be too high

Ambient lights are usually LED type lights. The material of the lamp is very soft and can be installed in any position. But the installation must also be reasonable, usually in the edge of the door panel and in the slit below the center console. Domain can remind everyone to pay attention that the brightness of the installed ambient lights should not be too high to affect normal driving.

Think about it, if the ambient light is the same as the lights, or if the inside of the car is brighter than the outside, you won't be able to see the road outside at night, which is very dangerous.

2.Consider the layout of the circuit

The installation process involves a lot of lines, so we recommend that you go to a professional installation shop for installation. This should not only consider the layout of the circuit, but also the capacity of the load. For those who don't know these things well or have poor hands-on ability to do it easily, going to a professional installation site is a good way.

Many people wonder if this type of ambient light will affect the driver's vision?

My answer is that this is also a place to pay special attention to when installing ambient lights. The brightness of the ambient lights should not be too high, and it can be used for embellishment and viewing effects. This will not affect the driver's field of vision.

Naturally, there are not only these items in the modification of car interior lights, it can be said to be varied, everyone can decide according to their needs and preferences, but the first point of modification of interior lights is safety first!

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