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  1. What is Wheel hub? what is a wheel light?

Wheel hub:

According to the characteristics and needs of different models, the hub surface treatment process will take different ways, which can be roughly divided into two kinds of paint and electroplating. Ordinary models of wheels in the appearance of less to consider, good heat dissipation is a basic requirement, the process is basically using paint processing, that is, first spraying and electric baking, the cost is relatively economic and color beautiful, keep for a long time, even if the vehicle scrapped, the color of the wheel is still the same. A lot of mass models wheel surface treatment process is baking paint, some fashion avant-garde, dynamic color wheel using is baking paint technology. This kind of hub moderate price, complete specifications. Electroplating wheel hub is divided into electroplating silver, water electroplating and pure electroplating and other types. Plating silver and water plating wheel although the color is bright and vivid, but keep the time is short, so the price is relatively cheap, for a lot of young people like the pursuit of freshness.

Wheel lights:

Wheel hub lights are LED strips mounted on the Wheel hub. LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a solid semiconductor device that can directly convert electricity into Light. The heart of an LED is a semiconductor chip, with one end attached to a bracket, the negative end and the positive end connected to a power supply, enabling the entire chip to be encased in epoxy. When an electric current is applied to the chip through a wire, electrons are pushed towards the P region, where they combine with the holes and emit energy as photons, which is how leds emit light. And the wavelength of light, the color of light, is determined by the material that forms the P-N junction.

  1. How to install hub lights and how to refit car hub lights?
  • First determine the length to be installed, and then take the whole number to intercept
  • With wire or other tools, the waiting fixed on the brake pad baffle, note that the light head facing outward, so that more light transmission, good-looking.
  • Install the light strip, to be thoroughly fixed.
  • Link plug, the front wheel junction, connected it to the wide light line, it is easy if the connection plug does not light up when energized, you only need to disassemble the other end of the light strip connected to it.
  • The rear wheel is connected to the original ground light line, neat and unified. The strip is packaged in a tray, the newly unpacked strip will be twisted, not good installation, you can first sort out the flat, in the light slot can be put into.

As the strip is a single-sided light, if placed unevenly will appear uneven light and dark

  1. modified wheel lights, these four principles must be observed

Modifying wheel lights can not only enhance the appearance and temperament of your car, but also improve the performance of your car, which is why many people are obsessed with wheel light modifications. After all, in this era of pursuing personalization, changing a good-looking wheel light is the choice of many people. Of course, wheel light modifications can not be carried out blindly, the following four principles must be observed.

  • Matching is the king

Modified wheel lights give the primary impression of beautiful or not. Although many original wheels are now both beautiful and practical, but the majority of car enthusiasts want their own car wheels and beautiful and unique. The wheel lights not only carry the high hopes of beauty, but also the burden of safety. Forced to change the wheel lights can be achieved through some adapter device, but at the same time will also lay a terrible safety hazard! The majority of car enthusiasts must develop a matching modification plan and change on the basis of detailed understanding of the basic data of the original wheels.

  • Areasonable choice of size

From the aesthetic point of view, many people think that the bigger the wheel lights are, the more dominant the car is. But the reality is that when you change the wheel lights that are more than three degrees larger than the original, the car is "racked up" because the height of the body is not adjusted. However, along with the height adjustment, you may have to add a wrap-around kit to avoid the "empty" underbody, which will cost you a lot more.

Secondly, in terms of comfort and safety, if you only change the wheel lights, the tires will cut against the inside of the wings while driving, speeding up the wear of the tires and posing a safety hazard. Therefore, the most reasonable modification size is to upgrade one or two degrees. Do not blindly pursue large.

  • Pay attention to the weight

It can not be denied that the wheel lights do have to be lightweight, but this lightweight must be pursued on the basis of the wheel. As we all know, wheel manufacturing is divided into two processes: casting and forging. The same weight, forged wheels are stronger; the same strength, forged wheels are lighter. Therefore, the choice of wheel lights should be adapted to the appropriate wheels. FLASHARK's colorful wheel lights have excellent quality, so you can't go wrong with them!

  • Safety first

Many car enthusiasts fancy a certain wheel light style, but the price is too expensive, it is easy to find a lot of fake and shoddy wheel light sellers, under the guise of genuine production or direct statement of high imitation, to sell at a low price, some popular styles of imitation even in short supply. It is confused by the sales, many car enthusiasts will take a chance to buy. However, once something happens, the probability is 100 percent. Those "good-looking" poor quality wheel lights usually do not see the flaws, but once bumped, the original shape will be revealed. Due to the quality of the wheel rim breakage or rim off with the case of accidents occur from time to time, the majority of car enthusiasts must be cautioned.

Wheel light modifications must be made in a safe manner, and I hope that we can all carry out wheel light modifications in a safe, reasonable and moderate manner. After all, if the car is full of safety hazards, it also loses the meaning of changing the car to play with it!


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