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A line lock is a device that allows the front brakes to lock independently of the rear brakes via a switch.The device is an electric solenoid that controls a valve which allows the brakes to be controlled individually. This allows the front brakes to be locked and the rear brakes to be open, and allows the driver to spin the rear wheels without wasting the rear brakes. This method is referred to as line lock and is popular among enthusiasts who like to do burnouts.

Put simply, Line-Lock is a solenoid that you activate from inside your car. A solenoid is a simple device made up of only a few pieces: a coil of tightly wound copper wire, a housing, and a plunger made of magnetic material. When electrical current is applied to the coil, a magnetic field forms, which draws the plunger in and converts the electrical energy into mechanical work. A solenoid is an electromagnet, which means it can be turned on and off by application or removal of electric current, unlike permanent magnets.

One of the essential components to a successful pass down the dragstrip is starting-line grip, which is best achieved after performing a burnout on a rear (or front) tire, depending on your vehicle's drive configuration. The activated line-lock closes off the brake circuit and locks the wheels at the vehicle's non-drive-end. The locked wheels hold the vehicle stationary in the burnout box so that the drive wheels can achieve the perfect burnout, warm, the tires, and not burn up the brakes on the driven wheels.


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