How to drive safer in snow?A few tips you need to know. Flashark

Early maintenance, winter testing is necessary

Regular maintenance is very important. It can always keep the vehicle in the best working condition. When winter comes, it is very important to go to the shop for a maintenance. If it is in the northern area, you can also change the viscosity according to actual needs. Slightly lower oil. While doing maintenance, maintenance technicians can also perform necessary inspections on the air-conditioning system, tire condition, and lighting system according to the needs of the car in winter to ensure the safety of daily driving.

Parking skills to avoid being "frozen" 

In heavy snow, after the vehicle is turned off, you can use the lever to keep the wiper at the maximum position of the wiper, and then press the plastic film with the wiper to prevent excessive snow accumulation on the windshield of the vehicle overnight in the open air. It can prevent the wiper and the front windshield from freezing together. This function is very practical in northern cities.

In addition, stay overnight in the open parking lot. Under the condition of ensuring safety, switch the gearbox to P gear for automatic transmission models, and put the gearbox in first gear for manual gears. Do not pull up the parking brake to avoid the low temperature. Frozen stiffness affects normal driving the next day.


Slowly increase the throttle in the initial stage, and the ASR acceleration anti-skid system is effective

It is a common situation that the vehicle is difficult to start on icy and snowy roads. Especially for front-wheel drive vehicles, once the front wheel slips, it is prone to danger. Therefore, when starting on icy and snowy roads, you should step on the accelerator more lightly, and you must not start with a high accelerator, as it is easy to cause sideslip. 



Smooth driving is the key

 When driving, in addition to avoiding slamming the steering wheel, the speed control is also very important, and the low gear is used as much as possible to drive. The automatic gearbox can control the gear in manual mode. It is more convenient to control the gear in manual gear models, and the low gear can be improved. The braking ability of the engine, coupled with predictive braking, avoid blindly overtaking, and safe driving is still very guaranteed. 

Use car heater defroster to make a good sight line

Has your car experienced such an experience? When winter is here frost and icing will appear on the windshield of the car.In addition to paying attention to ice and snow, there is also frost when driving in winter.
 A good sight line is the most important safety guarantee for driving. Does a car defroster work? Many car owners still have doubts about its effect. If the effect is not shortcomings, many of our car owners will also wait and see. A good way can make us drive safer.

The car defroster from Flashark is connected to the car heater or the engine cooling circulation system, and turns the high temperature coolant from the system into hot air through the hot water tank, and blows it evenly to the inside of the windshield through the defrosting pipeline for panoramic defrosting or defogging .

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