How to Maintain LED Lamps? Unlock Its Heat Dissipation Posture and The Life Secret of LED Lights.

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Compared with the traditional halogen lights, LED headlights have the advantage of crushing. At present, LED headlights are favored by more and more people who change the lights. Its characteristics are very obvious. Do you know how the LED headlights work and how to maintain after installation?


We all know that the appearance level of LED headlights is the appearance, the core is the chip, the soul is optical. The rhythm of both inside and outside repair seems to have put the whole life of LED headlights into perspective thoroughly. However, the life of LED is heat dissipation, you know?

When an LED light source is turned on, about 35 percent of the electrical energy is converted to light and the rest to heat. LED headlights are extremely sensitive to temperature changes. If the LED lights continue to be lit at high temperature, it is easy to have low power, reduced life span, and the lamp goes out. Therefore, the heat dissipation performance of LED headlights is its life, you must understand.

There are two main cooling modes of LED headlights on the market: passive cooling and active cooling.

First, passive cooling. Passive heat dissipation is now the mainstream form of copper braided belt heat dissipation and aluminum body heat dissipation

1.Copper braided belt heat dissipation

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This kind of heat dissipation adopts the form of copper braided strip at the end as copper belt heat dissipation. The heat is rapidly transferred through the copper belt. In terms of heat dissipation materials, copper is second only to gold and silver in heat dissipation, and better than aluminum. When the braided belt is fully stretched, it can achieve the best effect.


Advantages: small size, foldable tail, easy to install.

Disadvantages: copper is easy to be oxidized after high temperature, so the ability of thermal radiation is greatly reduced while electroplating nickel on the surface of copper strip.

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2.Aluminum body heat dissipation

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This is called integrated heat dissipation. The heat generated at the lamp body is transmitted to the aluminum base exposed to the air at the tail by heat conduction, and then carried away by air flow. In order to improve the efficiency of heat dissipation, some nano radiation coating will be applied to the lamp body, greatly increasing the heat dissipation performance. In addition to fin type heat dissipation, soft aluminum type heat dissipation, but also a different structure in the same way.


Advantages: use the lamp body itself to spontaneously heat, the surface can be coated with nano paint to help heat dissipation, speed up the heat dissipation.

Disadvantages: Usually the tail shape volume will be slightly larger. Due to insufficient space during the installation of many models, the heat cannot be spread out normally, thus affecting the heat dissipation effect.

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After introducing the two types of passive heat dissipation structure, let's talk about the active heat dissipation mode.

 Active cooling is equivalent to speeding up air convection - yes, fan cooling!! This way of heat dissipation is a small fan at the tail of the LED. When the LED is just lit, the small fan at the tail also works together. Through the fan, the heat of the aluminum seat is distributed into the air by air convection.


Depending on the fan type,

Active heat dissipation widely used at present has the following forms:

Hydraulic fan heat dissipation, double ball fan heat dissipation, turbo fan heat dissipation.

1.Hydraulic fan

 That is, hydraulic bearing fan: is a special spiral groove engraved in the bearing, so that the lubricating oil is extruded evenly distributed between the shaft and the shaft sleeve to form a buoyancy to hold the shaft, in order to reduce friction, reduce noise cooling technology.


Advantages: the average life of hydraulic fans can reach 40000 hours, low noise operation, has a high proportion in the current market.

Disadvantages: after a certain time of use, the lubricating oil will volatilize, resulting in wear and tear, reduce the service life.

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2.Double ball bearing fans

Double ball bearing fan: is the use of rolling friction in the form of two ball bearings, bearings in a number of small steel balls around the axis, when the fan page or axis rotation, the ball is followed by the rotation of heat dissipation technology.


Advantages: double ball fans have longer life span, about 50000 ~100000 hours, good anti-aging performance, high speed and large air volume.

 Disadvantages: the manufacturing cost of double ball fan is high, and the noise is the largest at the same speed.


 Namely centrifugal fan: Is by the rotating motor to drive the impeller and blade forcing the gas in the impeller rotation, the gas power, allow it to increase the momentum of the gas under the action of centrifugal force, the impeller thrown around, through the vortex type chassis can converts kinetic energy into pressure, when the gas discharge within the impeller, the pressure inside the impeller is lower than the pressure inside the duct, new gas under the action of pressure difference, suction impeller, The gas is continuously expelled from the fan.


Advantages: high wind pressure, centrifugal fan can output more air volume in a smaller space occupation, improve the cooling effect.

Disadvantages: high design requirements, processing accuracy is higher than the ordinary fan requirements, when the impeller dust, dirt to pay, load increase affects its speed or make the impeller imbalance, so that the noise is also greater when running at high speed.

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The above is the mainstream heat dissipation of LED car headlights, their lives you have mastered?

After learning it, Choose a LED headlight for your car.

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