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People who are obsessed with one thing never give up, such as BMW.

The first generation of the BMW 8 Series was launched in 1989 with a total investment of 1.5 billion DM in R&D, which is equivalent to 10 billion RMB today. Between 1989 and 1999, BMW produced more than 30,000 8 Series models, more than half of which were 850s with V12 engines, which were only used in McLaren's F1 cars before this 8 Series.


The BMW 8 Series was the first production car to use the CAN-BUS bus, which was the ceiling of electronic electrification architecture in the automotive field at that time, so we can see "black technology" such as actively adjustable adaptive suspension, electronically controlled throttle and traction control system on the old 8 Series.

The number "8" had never appeared in BMW's product lineup before, and the appearance of this number would also represent its undisputed flagship status. However, the first generation BMW 8 Series was just a glimpse, it was the dream of all BMW people, these "madmen" spared no expense to create a groundbreaking model, of course, they also had to pay for their own wishful thinking.But today, BMW is once again bringing the "8 Series" product sequence to the market, which is an obsession. As a Bimmer, the process of test driving the new BMW 8 Series is more like a spiritual resonance with BMW.


In fact, large GT coupes such as the 8 Series are not popular in the market because they balance power and space, comfort and ultimate handling, seemingly combining the best of all worlds, but each indicator is not exceptional. So for the same price, you can buy a BMW X5 or BMW X7 with more space, a BMW M3 or M4 with the best performance, and a BMW 7 Series with the most comfortable executive class sedan.

But the 3.0-liter turbocharged engine in the new BMW 8 Series 840i xDrive is capable of producing 340 horsepower and accelerating to 100 km in 4.9 s. On top of the power, BMW has equipped it with M high-performance brake calipers with six front and four rear pistons as a safeguard when driving aggressively, and the 20-inch wheels with 245 front and 275 rear wide tires enhance the 8 Series' ability to perform in corners. The 20-inch wheels with 245 front and 275 rear tires enhance the 8 Series' extreme capabilities in corners. With a length of more than 5 meters and a wheelbase of 3 meters, the 8 Series also offers a better ride in the back.

The new BMW 8 Series is more of a "hexagonal warrior", but it just lacks the ability to turn heads. Just like the luxury advertisements we see on office walls, most of the models in the pictures do not have the traditional aesthetic appearance of dignified features, but in a sense, people need to be stimulated by receiving different dimensions to arouse awareness of a product.


In the first hour of driving the BMW 8 Series, it showed me a myriad of amazing details on a driving level. The most exaggerated point was the steering, which I oversteered by a quarter turn in a very familiar curve outside my home, and despite its 3-meter wheelbase, the steering radius was not slowed down by its large size.

The suspension tuning of the new 8 Series doesn't compromise comfort in any way, and the road feels as clear as if you're running in a pair of very thin-soled but very supportive running shoes. Of course, part of the reason for this is that the car is equipped with Pirelli P zero tires with a very low aspect ratio, which enhances the handling and responsiveness of the car.

At high speeds, the steering wheel is extremely responsive, so responsive that before your butt can react, the body has already done what the steering wheel tells it to do, without any sense of dragging. In terms of handling, the 8 Series is more of a performance car than the large GT sports car we have come to think of as a "quiet car".


There is no more fascinating scene in the driving process than the moment when the lateral speed of the rear axle exceeds that of the front axle. If you can clearly feel the car's buttocks appearing to slide laterally, it means you are on the verge of losing control.

And losing control is such a fascinating thing.

Why do you take your car up a mountain road? Why do you take your car to the track? Because we want to explore its borderline of being on the verge of losing control, and only when you have a precise grasp of a car's limits can you afford to squeeze the full strength out of it. Every car lover has a competitive heart, and speed, the struggle and game on the edge of losing control is our source of joy.


However, I'm not a professional racer, and I don't have the skills to control the car's attitude at every moment. At this point, a smart enough 8 Series can help me fill all my desires for speed.

When you enter a corner, you simply put the car into a safe enough range, throw the car into the center of the corner without a care in the world, and step on the gas. The electronic assist will weld you firmly within the lane line and keep the car hugging the center of the curve, and on the verge of losing control the car will actively access to adjust your stance and even actively cut off the fuel to control the speed. That's right, this BMW 8 Series will teach you to drive in the safest way possible and assist you in getting the pleasure of exploring the tipping point of loss of control.


Becoming a "Lover"

After 30 years, we finally get the chance to experience a BMW ceiling-level model. The car industry is moving towards intelligence and electrification, and it seems that what car companies do around "driving" nowadays will be a futile effort under the general trend.


But what's the harm in that? Like BMW, they can still create their own dream products by their own nature, turning all their past obsessions with cars into "lovers" like the new 8 Series. This is the strength of the car company given by the accumulation of long-term brand value, because all the fans in the world who resonate with their spirit are expecting them to do so, to create the most ultimate driving machine.


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