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An EGR delete can be beneficial in many ways. However, one of the major ways it is great for your vehicle is that it improves the fuel economy, increases horsepower, and gives you better mileage. These are all benefits that arise from getting optimized engine performance.With this EGR delete you will be able to completely remove your EGR valve & EGR cooler. Eliminating the EGR system will prevent soot from building up and clogging the EGR valve.Installing an EGR delete is one of the best upgrades you can do to increase the reliability of your 6.7 Powerstroke pickup truck.

So how to install the 6.7L Ford Powerstroke EGR Delete Kit, the specific installation steps will be given below.

CAUTION!!! Never work on a hot vehicle. Serious injury in the form of burns can result if the vehicle hasbeen in use. Allow vehicle to cool prior to installation.Always wear eye protection when working on or under any vehicle.

Note: With a used vehicle, we suggest using a penetrating spray lubricant to be applied liberally to allexhaust fasteners. When doing so allow a signifcant amount of time for the chemical to lubricate thethreads before attempting to disassemble.

Step 1: Disconnect both batteries.

Step 2: Drain coolant from hot and cold side of the radiator.


Step 3: Unplug the MAF (mass air ow) sensor that is located on the intake. Release the red tab to unlock the plug for removal.


Step 4: Using an 8mm wrench remove the two bolts holding the intake box and reservoir chamber in place.

Step 5: Loosen the two clamps on the intake coupling that attaches the intake box to the manifold.

Step 6: Pull up on the intake box to remove it from the rubber mounts that hold it in place.

Step 7:Pull the three coolant lines from the clips on the remaining intake tube. Then remove the remaining intake tube.

Step 8: Disconnect the clips and brackets that retain the two larger coolant lines going to the EGR Cooler. Remove the lines completely.


Step 9: Remove the two hose clamps on the small coolant line “T”. Disconnect the lines and install the supplied straight barbed ftting.


Step 10: Install the supplied coolant line from the degas tank (radiator overfow tank) to the disconnected port near the bottom passenger side of the radiator.


Step 11: Disconnect the quick connect coolant line from the driver side of the EGR cooler. 


Step 12: Disconnect the EGR temperature sensor. Zip-tie the vehicle side of the plug and harness out of the way from hot or moving parts.


Step 13: Unplug the PCM harness from the frewall on the passengerside. Secure it out of the way for installation.

Step 14: Unplug the harness on top of the EGR cooler. The harnesscontains three plugs, an orange plug with a yellow locking tab, agrey plug and black plug with a metal clip. Be sure to replace theclip after unplugging it so that it is not lost.

Step 15: Unplug the vacuum line on top of the EGR system pull the hard plastic line from the rubber 90 ftting cap the line with the supplied rubber cap.

Step 16: Unplug the buttery valve located next to the fan shroud.


Step 17: Remove the two bolts securing the wiring harness to the EGR cooler.


Step 18: Remove the two clips on the heat shield located on thepassenger side under the EGR cooler.


Step 19: Remove the short EGR pipe secured by four bolts. Be sure tokeep all hardware and gaskets for future use.


Step 20: Remove longer EGR pipe secured in place by fve bolts. Twobolts are on each fange and one is on the support bracket. Be sure tokeep all hardware and gaskets for future use.

Step 21: Remove the seven bolts holding the EGR cooler in place. 


Step 22: Also remove the nut securing the hard pressure line to theback of the EGR cooler near the rewall.


Step 23: Pull the EGR system up and towards the front of the truck. You may need to twist it slightly to get it past some of the intake components.Once the Cooler has been pulled forward a ways remove the wiring harness clipped to the back of the cooler. Double check and remove any clips or harnesses that may be attached to the cooler then remove the cooler from the vehicle.

Step 24: Install the supplied exhaust block of plate using factory hardware and gasket saved from disassembly.


Step 25: Install the coolant block of plate with the remaining supplied allen head bolts.


Step 26: Reconnect the PCM harness. Make sure that the harness plugs are properly connected.


Step 27: Reconnect the quick connect coolant line. Be sure it issecurely in place.

Step 28: Zip tie the EGR wires and vacuum line to the PCM harness.


Step 29: Install the Intake block o plate with the O-ring on it using the provided allen head bolts. You will not need to use the factory gasket for this block of plate.

Step 30: Install the supplied mounting bracket and hardware to secure the hard pressure line that was bolted to the back of the EGR cooler. The bolt on the engine is located on the top passenger rear,where the black plastic intake manifold meets the cast aluminumintake manifold.

Step 31: Re-install all of the intake components.

Step 32: Refll the coolant following factory specifcations. Run theengine and check for leaks. After engine has reached operatingtemperature check coolant level and top of as needed.

Re-route Hose Installation

Step 1: Install new bracket supplied


Step 2: Install new Coolant re-route hose


Step 3: Reconnect 90 degree angle end of coolant hose to the firewall




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