What's it like to have an "instrument" HUD head-up display for the Tesla Model 3? Flashark

As we all know, Tesla has eliminated the instrumentation in the car since Model 3. In fact, compared to traditional cars, which are generally equipped with gauges, Model 3 is equivalent to reversing the driver's habit of looking slightly down at the gauges, and now it is slightly shaking the head to look at the big screen, and that's all, a habit. The original intention of the configuration is to reduce the chances of drivers looking down at the instruments or other things that cause their vision to deviate from the route of travel, thus improving driving safety.

Nowadays, the rear-mounted HUD products on the market are generally based on GPS data, which will have a big drawback: the stability and real-time of GPS signal, the accuracy and diversity of information display. But this HUD of our store is different, it is taken from the vehicle internal CAN BUS signal, which is also the biggest highlight of this HUD. In fact, it is because of this that it solves the drawbacks of many GPS-based, general-purpose HUDs.

Stability and real-time

GPS products are limited by the GPS signal strength and accuracy, there may be shortcomings in display stability and real-time; while our company's HUD takes out the signal directly from the CAN BUS bus in the car, and the CAN H/CAN L signal line is directly hard-wired, so there is no problem in this regard.

Accuracy and Diversity

This is the accuracy as well as the diversity of the signal, as it is extracted directly from the CAN BUS signal of the car. Of course, the diversity is ensured by the extensive reverse cracking work performed beforehand.

Features of our products

Display Datas: Speed, Clock, Gear, Electricity, Fog lights, Seat beit, Turn signal, The width light, High beam, Low beam lights, Door reminder, Automatic brake, Driving time, Driving distance

Multiple Alarm Functions: Overspeed alarm, low voltage alarm, low power alarm, alarm when the door is not closed, the seat belt is not fastened, and the brake warning light alarm.

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