For truck drivers who own a 2017 Ford 250 Super Duty 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel Turbo, you might need to tweak your old-age engine exhaust before it causes damage beyond repair. In such a case, one common scenario is the deletion of EGR with the help of the EGR delete kit.

You may find it a debatable issue among engine mechanics, but deleting the EGR system is known to offer more performance gains than potential losses and is a viable option to consider. This article will further demonstrate why an EGR Delete is a good idea and how Flashark 2017 F250 Delete kit helps strengthen your engine game like a pro.


Reasons Your Ford Powerstroke Engine Needs an EGR Delete Process

The Powerstroke 6.7L engine is among those fourth-generation engine versions with ever-increasing power output. However, this high-powered engine also has its own set of downsides that mainly revolves around exhaust emission issues.  

An EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is part of an emission system that tends to redirect toxic exhaust back to the engine. This redirection of exhaust prevents harmful oxides from entering the atmosphere, lessening the effect of engine emissions. This EGR system has a cooler valve that helps lower engine temperature during combustion, preventing oxidation reactions from occurring. However, soot often gets trapped inside the EGR cooler valve while recirculating exhaust, creating choking problems.

This choking also causes engine temperature to increase while powering up, which turns out in poor engine performance. Here, repairing or replacing the EGR can help only temporarily because, with carbon buildup, the issue will resurface again. The repetitive clogging is why an EGR Delete process becomes necessary for your Ford Powerstroke.


What Features Does Flashark EGR Delete Kit Contain?

This Flashark 2017 F250 Delete kit offers a comprehensive package designed with the objective of simplifying the EGR Delete process for all. This EGR delete kit has everything for safe and hassle-free removal of the EGR system, from block-off plates and hose clamps to sensor brackets. The Flashark EGR Delete kit is also made compatible with most of the versions of 6.7L Ford Powerstroke diesel engines designed from the year 2011 to the year 2023.


Why Is The 2017 F250 EGR Delete Kit The Best Choice?

This 6.7L Ford Powerstroke EGR delete kit enables you to bypass the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) mechanism that minimizes the counter effects of it on engine working, fuel economy, and overall engine maintenance and repair cost. In fact, if EGR deletion is done rightly, your Powerstroke diesel engine can experience up to a 50% increase in mileage with a 10% increase in overall power. Below are some key beneficial aspects of this Flashark EGR Delete kit, making it a prominent choice for users.

· Improve Engine Durability 

Since the EGR valve sends exhaust soot and gases back to the engine, it does help with reducing pollutants in the air but at the cost of decreasing your engine power in the long run. Thus, there is no better way to remove the EGR valve for improved power output.

By EGR deletion, the engine will work on the combustion of a more clean and cooled fuel-air mixture, resulting in enhanced power output. Not only Ford Powerstroke engine will produce a quick throttle response, but removing the EGR can translate into overall increased longevity.

· Provide High Fuel Economic Value 

As removing the EGR valve results in better engine efficiency, this improvement also shows up in fuel economy. Power stroke diesel engine with no EGR valve involved means less fuel needed for combustion and better fuel efficiency.

In simple words, the EGR valve removal tends to optimize the engine performance to run it with a clean air-fuel mixture and save fuel costs. Furthermore, deleting the EGR valve and cooler also means you no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars on your bimonthly vehicle repair and maintenance.

· Lowers Engine Temperature

The choked EGR valve disrupts the smooth running of the engine, and temperature may increase at this point. Therefore, deleting the EGR valve through the Flashark EGR Delete kit provides a means to lower its temperature, eliminating the risk associated with an over-heated combustion chamber.

Does This EGR Delete Kit Go Through Any Upgrades?

This Flashark 6.7L Ford Powerstroke Diesel EGR Delete Kit is the ordinary version of the EGR kit that has gone through advancements with time. One aspect that makes the upgraded EGR Delete kit different from the ordinary version is the temperature reduction.

The upgraded EGR Delete kit also contains an innovative pass-through plate that allows for more uniform coolant circulation. With the upgraded EGR Delete kit, the pass-through plate brings a cooling temperature of 5 degrees that can further elevate engine power to a new level!

Is EGR Delete the Only Option For Faulty Engine Exhaust?

While it seems easy to bypass the EGR system with the EGR Delete kit, this approach brings more bad than good in some vehicle models. Some truck owners with Powerstroke diesel engines experience knocking issues, decreased horsepower, and increased engine temperature when they get the EGR valve deleted.

Hence, a repair or valve replacement instead of deleting the EGR might help solve engine exhaust problems. It is, therefore, expert advice to always get your vehicle engine examined thoroughly before making the final call. If deleting the EGR system turns out to be an inevitable mod to extend your engine lifespan, this EGR delete kit is the best choice kit at an affordable price.

Final words 

It’s important to mention that as per emission laws, it is illegal to delete the EGR system from vehicles built environment-friendly approach in many US states. You can only have this Flashark 2017 Ford 250 Delete kit for vehicles part of off-road racing, but not for trucks running on public roads and highways.

Moreover, if you are unsure how to delete the EGR valve with this EGR Delete kit, better to ask for professional help. Our Flashark 2011-2023 6.7L Powerstroke EGR Delete kit comes with precise instructions and tools that never let the EGR deletion process go wrong.


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