How Flashark 350 Exhaust Headers Boost Power in a Vehicle

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What Are Exhaust Headers?


Exhaust headers are special systems installed directly on the automobile engine to enhance the exhaust gas expulsion process. They are well constructed using different materials, usually from stainless steel or even ceramic coating to avoid rusting. 

350 exhaust headers address the engine’s breathing system and backpressure to enhance power and torque output. They increase the lengths and diameters of the tubes, resulting in better exhaust scavenging, which improves the engine’s efficiency and power.

What Do Exhaust Headers Do?

Exhaust headers redirect exhaust gases from the engine. The concept of exhaust scavenging is another key point that may explain how exhaust headers operate. Exhaust scavenging involves the exhaust gases expelling when leaving the cylinder, pulling more exhaust gases from other cylinders due to the vacuum created in the cylinder. This effect improves the evacuation of exhaust gases and reduces the burden of the exhaust system with back pressure utilization.

Primary and secondary tubes are crucial components that work together to accomplish this process. Primary tubes carry the exhaust gases from each cylinder, while secondary tubes combine exit gases from several primary tubes and lead them to the rest of the exhaust system. The dimensions of these pipes, in terms of length and diameter, determine the exhaust headers that can offer high scavenging effects and exhaust flow.

Benefits of FLASHARK 350 Chevy Exhaust Headers

Improved Exhaust Flow

FLASHARK 350 Exhaust Headers offer a range of benefits that can transform your vehicle’s performance:

The increase in the extent of restriction enables the elimination of exhaust gases from the engine, which translates to better performance in general.

Increased Horsepower and Torque

Improved exhaust flow means increased horsepower and torque due to drawing more fresh air to the engines. FLASHARK 350 headers free up the engine and allow for better breathing, translating to better power and more acceleration. When installed, these headers will improve your vehicle’s performance whether you use it on the road or the racing track.

Enhanced Engine Efficiency

The FLASHARK 350 exhaust headers also offer minimal backpressure and enhanced exhaust scavenging, thus improving the engine’s efficiency. The power plant can function optimally, with the fuel-to-air mixture better controlled to develop the needed power. Besides improving performance, this also helps to optimize fuel efficiency and emissions. 

Installation and Tuning

  1. Start by disconnecting the battery to help avoid towing electrical problems.
  2. Next, undo the old exhaust headers and make sure that you jot down any additional components that may be attached.
  3. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines on the installation of FLASHARK 350 headers diligently. Check for bolt position and torque and ensure gaskets are used where necessary.
  4. Reinstall any disconnected parts, such as the oxygen sensor or heat shield, if removed during removal.
  5. Tighten all couplings, connectors, nuts, and bolts to the best of their ability.
  6. After starting the engine, check for possible leakages or abnormal sounds from the automobile. 


Benefits of FLASHARK 350 Chevy Exhaust Headers


Innovative Design Features

Tri-Y design

The Tri-Y design concept entails joining exhaust tubes into a specific pattern to exhaust gas scavenging. This design breaks the exhaust pulses into three groups more efficiently and with less interference from other cylinders. Thereby, the particular exhaust gases are expelled from the cylinders with less back pressure, thus enhancing the function of the engine. Tying to the Tri-Y design, specific exhaust pulses are separated in the head, and the firing order optimizes scavenging.

Mandrel-Bent Tubing

FLASHARK exhaust headers use mandrel-bent tubing, which is bent so that it does not damage the inside of the pipe. The tubing also keeps the diameter constant throughout the bending area so that there is no ‘pinching’ between the pipes to affect exhaust gas flow. Mandrel bending eliminates the formation of narrow channels in the exhaust system, thus allowing smooth exhaust gas passage.

High-Quality Materials

FLASHARK 350 exhaust headers are usually made from steel or alloy, stainless steel, or ceramic-coated steel. These metals are highly corrosion-resistant and can also withstand high operating temperatures, helping to provide long service life.

The headers are coated with stainless steel and ceramics to resist moisture and exhaust gases, hence elongating their durability.

Get FLASHARK 350 Headers Now!

Whether you intend to build up powerful horsepower and torque or just desire commanding performance in your driving, FLASHARK 350 headers will not disappoint you. They will fully meet your expectations with high-end performance and rigid manufacturing. 

Get the best-valued exhaust headers today and upgrade your vehicle with FLASHARK 350 exhaust headers! 

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