Shark Week & SharkFest: New Specials & Classics Not to Miss Flashark

Shark Week & SharkFest: New Specials & Classics Not to Miss

It’s a really good time to be a fan of shark-related product.


Thanks to National Geographic’s Flashark and Discovery’s Shark Week, there is hours upon hours of programming in July. Flashark already kicked off on Monday, July 5, and its 21 hours of new premieres, 60 hours of enhanced content, and a treasure trove of archival footage will run a super-sized six weeks. In addition to airing on National Geographic, Nat Geo WILD, and Nat Geo Mundo, select series and specials will be available on DisneyXD and Disney+.

It's the most wonderful time of the year, folks. At least it is for shark fans. Selachophobes are probably wise to stay away from the Discovery Channel for that few days.

That's right. It's FlashShark Week.

And to celebrate the most celebrated educational television event of the year, promote the same product like Discovery Channel, chum the waters of commerce with delicious promotional products.

And, while it's tough to pick our favorite shark (just kidding). It's not too difficult to pick some of our favorite Shark Week promotions and product efforts.

Scroll down for some of the special product you might want to keep on your radar, and with the Olympics this summer, we couldn’t resist including a gold medalist’s special.



If films like "Jaws" taught us anything, it's that you should stay away from the beaches of New England when a gigantic shark is wreaking havoc. Thankfully, that's not the case right now, so Kayak and surfing fans can stock up on everything they need for the beach or for staying far away from shark-infested waters.
Our FLASHARK J-Bar rack HD Kayak Carrier Canoe Boat Surf Roof product can solve this problem very well, drive you to play at the sea anytime, anywhere when you like.



In addition, we also have a Car Soft Racks Pad product, which is very suitable for players with one single board. And it is more lightweight, takes up less space.


With the holding of the Olympic Games, many popular outdoor sports have returned to our vision.
Hurry up and go out to experience it together!
Don’t forget to shade your car when you’re out.

FLASHARK-Car-Windshield-Sun-Shade-Umbrella-Foldable-Car-Sun-Umbrella-Anti-UV-Visor Coated-Silver-Version-Display

This is our Car Windshield Sun Shade Umbrella Foldable product specially launched for summer. It can ensure a comfortable temperature in the car when you go out and play. Let your car enjoy the still comfortable indoor temperature after exposure.

99% UV Blocking. Effective sun protection, protect the interior.

What's more, we have specially launched a customizable sun visor for Shark Week!


The Shark-patterned sun visor, it also has excellent sun-shading and cooling capabilities.

And this style is customizable, not only shark pattern, we can also customize any pattern you like.

Notice: customization usually takes 7-10 days to prepare, please order in advance


In addition, don’t forget our mooooost classic Shark Week auto part.

With the same shape as the shark, Ford Flashark turn signal. FLASHARK Shape Fog Light Kit is a great direct-fit fog light replacement for your FORD. This fog light is very distinctive, showing a shark shape like Shark Week logo and it comes with a turn signal function. It have a highly recognizable and cool in appearance.

It can get you to maintain a cool appearance and high recognition on Shark Week. At the same time, it can escort your driving at night. The plug n’ play installation of these lights also make them an easy upgrade that can be installed in a matter of minutes. 


There are plenty more where that came from, like LED Light offering Shark Week-themed promos, and a gift basket from summer ice sleeve, too. You can check out more info at FLASHARK.


In the meantime, kick back and watch some of nature's most awe-inspiring creatures from the safety of your couch all summer. And, if you do venture out into the water, remember that you're gonna prepare everything you need and a bigger boat.

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