Whenever everyone talks about car interiors, they think of interior lights, cushions, interior decorations and so on. I am going to introduce a wheel lamp today, which is very popular in our store! Once the sales were too good, the supply was in short supply.

What is a LED Wheel light & Is it necessary?

The LED Wheel light is the lamp installed on the hub. The installation of the wheel lights plays a role in modifying the appearance, while driving on the road is also more conspicuous. A friend of mine bought a wheel lamp from FLASHARK. After using it, he gave me feedback that many friends were curious and wanted to buy this product. As you think, Christmas and New Year are coming soon. Having a wheel light can make you experience a different driving experience.

Why do we need LED wheel lights kits?

Add lighting effects to your wheels with 288pcs ultra-bright wide angle SMD LED lights. Let other driving enthusiasts focus on your car. Make their vehicles have a personalized driving experience. Durable silicone material, and with waterproof plug function. Let your car drive normally in heavy rain. 4pc 15.5" Diameter Aluminum Wheel Light. Bluetooth APP control(10S9.0 above and Android 4.4 above system). IP 68 waterproof Controller Box & IR24 button & Music Functions & Sync light to music.

How can we install it?

Plug&Play Wiring Harness. The installation guide for FLASHARK Automotive LED Light Wheel Rings included in the package is easy to follow and details all the tools you'll need to complete the installation.

Fit for most of vehicle!!

Here is Link for LED Wheel lights:



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