EGR systems hold back power and gas mileage to keep the exhaust cleaner. But what if you could get both good power and clean exhaust? EGR delete kits might be the answer. This can make your engine perform better while using less gas. People who love diesel trucks, like to get maximum out of their vehicle with upgrades. However, it’s important to know what happens after you install the delete kits. You need to understand how it affects power and emissions, how much maintenance the truck needs, and how it feels to drive. Let’s walk you through the aftermath! 

Selection Guide

Universal solutions don’t exist for EGR delete kits. Choosing the wrong one for your truck’s specific make, model, and engine can lead to trouble. Different manufacturers use different EGR systems, and even within a model, engine variations exist. For example, installing a 6.7L Cummins Flashark EGR Delete Kit on a 3L Ford Powerstroke could create issues. In the same way, to delete your off-road 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke All-in-One EGR Delete Kit could be the best option. You can simply use online parts stores with filter options, diesel truck forums for recommendations, or consult local diesel performance shops for expert advice. 

The Aftermath

Here are the changes, you might observe after installing a compatible EGR delete kit: 
  • Performance Changes 

While EGR delete kits can advertise horsepower and torque gains, typically 2-4 hp, these increases are often modest. Think of it as "unlocking" lost performance hidden by EGR restrictions. But the actual gains depend on your engine’s health and any other modifications you have made. However, the throttle response might give you a clearer improvement. EGR systems can clog the intake, leading to sluggish acceleration. An EGR delete kit installation will help clean this path. 

  • Fuel Economy

EGR delete kits often come with claims of improved fuel economy, sometimes as high as 20%. An EGR delete can lead to more efficient combustion by allowing the engine to operate at a slightly higher temperature. This can improve fuel burn and potentially lead to better fuel economy. EGR systems recirculate exhaust gas back into the engine. This process requires energy, and removing EGR eliminates the associated pumping losses. This can translate to a slight improvement in fuel efficiency. 

  • Custom Tuning

Flashark Tuner

Custom tuning can optimize engine performance after the EGR removal. A tuner can make adjustments to fuel delivery and turbocharger boost to maximize power output while minimizing exhaust smoke. However, it’s important to remember that a qualified tuner is needed to achieve benefits. If you are buying your EGR delete kit from some online store, you will receive instructions. This option is perfect for road enthusiasts who struggle in the industry environment.  Custom tuning will help them get rid of clogging issues with engines. 

  • Durability and Maintenance

EGR systems might seem eco-friendly, but they can clog up your engine’s airways with nasty soot over time. This gunk can make your truck sluggish and weak. An EGR delete cuts that problem out, letting clean air flow freely, which could potentially keep your engine’s intake system last longer. In addition to this, with less soot floating around, your engine oil might stay cleaner too. Cleaner oil means smoother lubrication for all those hardworking parts inside your engine, which some folks believe could extend its lifespan.

  • Driving Experience

By removing the EGR system you can enjoy an improved trip by small yet significant changes. This may make riding smoother on the road where you may notice better acceleration when you step on the gas pedal. In fact, the car will be more responsive through throttle and acceleration because the engine will stop lagging. EGR delete could be the reason why your car gives you more pleasure and is more responsive as it concentrates more on your inputs making your car more connected to you which gives you a sense of driving a car in tune with you. 

Other Considerations

Other Considerations flashark

  • Check your local regulations and emission testing requirements before installing an EGR delete kit.
  • The perceived benefits of EGR delete kits, like improved fuel economy, can be ideal for aggressive drivers.
  • While some EGR delete kits appear user-friendly, proper installation is very important to ensure optimal performance.
  • Following a strict maintenance schedule with high-quality parts remains essential for optimal engine health regardless of EGR status.

Improve Your Ride with Flasharkracing!

EGR delete kits offer a great proposition, increased performance, smoother operation, and longer engine life. However, the decision is not easy. Consider the legal and environmental implications, warranty, and how your driving habits may be influenced. Flashark Racing provides a wide selection of high-quality EGR delete kits specifically designed for various makes. If you are ready to gain your truck’s full potential and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner engine, Flashark Racing offers the ideal EGR delete kit for you.  


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