Fog lights are an easy part of your FORD’s lighting system to overlook. Unlike headlights or light bars, fog lights blend more into the background. Instead of being a (literally) flashy part of your FORD’s exterior, they are tucked underneath. While they aren’t the most exciting part to upgrade, a new set of fog lights can make a big impact on your vehicle’s performance.

If you are unsure of where to start upgrading your FORD’s fog lights, then look no further than Our FLASHARK’s online shop. We shows many different our top picks product for upgraded fog lights.



Fog lights are an important safety feature of your FORD. When off-roading, there are plenty of potential hazards that can remain difficult to see even with powerful headlights. Their low angle and sharp cut-off line allows the ground underneath the vehicle to be illuminated while not reflecting any unnecessary light back up to the driver. This is the whole principle of fog lights: illumination without any extra interference.

One key point to keep in mind is that fog lights aren’t just for fog. They can help improve your visibility in conditions like rain, snow, and sand/dust storms. Even if you don’t live in an area that experiences frequent fog, a fog light can still improve your overall safety.

A key part of the way a lot of fog lights function is their color. Yellow light, in particular, is the de facto hue of many aftermarket fog lights. This is because higher frequency light (those later parts of ROY G. BIV) tends to reflect off of ambient hazards more than lower frequency lights. Depending on the kelvin rating, a lot of white lights actually have a lot of blue light in them, meaning they’ll reflect a lot of light at you when driving in murky conditions. Yellow light doesn’t have this problem. Not only do yellow lights reflect less light back at the driver, but they create more of a daytime feel, an effect that many drivers prefer.

Given the importance of a proper set of fog lights, they’re a great part of your lighting system to upgrade. Like many headlight kits, fog lights can be quickly installed in a matter of minutes, and give your FORD an instant appearance and safety boost.



With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the fog lights that FLASHARK recommends for the FORD.


The FLASHARK Shape Fog Light Kit is a great direct-fit fog light replacement for your FORD. This fog light is very distinctive, showing a shark shape like our brand logo and it comes with a turn signal function. It have a highly recognizable and cool in appearance. The plug n’ play installation of these lights also make them an easy upgrade that can be installed in a matter of minutes. Keep in mind, that these lights come with the FLASHARK LED lighting group.


The row type circular Raptor Fog Light Kit is also a great fog light upgrade for your FORD. These fog lights have up to 2,480 lumens of light output and are made of High quality ABS plastic, Oxidation treatment on surface. They emit light at 5000K and can easily be converted to yellow lights with the appropriate lens.

Both of these fog lights offer significant improvements over the stock FORD options. Take a look at these fog lights running side by side. Both lights are quite bright, and offer a sharp cut-off line. The main difference is in the shape, you can choose the shape you like. The SHARK Fog Light also provides blue light, which has a wider application scene.
The SHARK’s ability to be outfitted with a blue lens does give them a hue not available on the Raptor Fog Light.


If neither of these lights suits your fancy, then be sure to look at our selection of Front Grille Fog Lights for the FORD.


FLASHARK Auto Front Grille Lights Fog Light

FLASHARK Auto Front Grille Lights Fog Light



Flashark 16-19 TACOMA LED Small Yellow Grille Lights Fog Light

Flashark 16-19 TACOMA LED Small Yellow Grille Lights Fog Light




If you want to brighten up your FORD's lighting system, then an upgraded fog light is a great place to start. Look at some of our top picks for FORD fog light upgrades.

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