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Pick-up trucks have been prevalent forms of transportation for many years. They are some of the most versatile vehicles on the market and roadways today. Whether you are a farmer/rancher or in the construction industry, you know how necessary they are to many people. Having a reliable form of transportation is very important and it is especially important in adverse weather conditions.


All vehicles including trucks have built-in safety features to help the driver in rain and low-visibility conditions. One of the very important safety features found on trucks is LED Fog lights. These fog lights are designed to defuse and create indirect light in front of the truck to improve visibility in foggy conditions.


Unlike the truck's regular headlights that cause the light to bounce back directly into the driver's line of sight, fog lights are much lower and the light is much more likely to penetrate through the fog. The truck manufacturers use an amber-colored cover over the light to help defuse the light for it to penetrate the fog better.


Manufacturers have been using traditional incandescent light bulbs in their H11 Fog Light Assembly and H8 Fog Light Assembly. For Chevrolet and Dodge Truck owners looking to upgrade the fog light bulbs that come with the truck from the manufacturer with the latest LED light technology. For these makes of trucks, the 9006 LED Fog Light Bulb fits into the light socket.


Advanced LED Bulb Technology

LED or light-emitting diode technology has been around for several years, but it has taken off in the automotive industry in the last several years. The primary reason for this is that LED produces far more light than traditional incandescent light bulbs and even Halogen-style bulbs.


The newest LED bulbs also boast smaller sizes, lighter materials, and better light focusing characteristics. Many of the aftermarket car and truck part and accessory makers offer H11 LED Fog Light assemblies for your vehicle. They also have H8 LED Fog Light assemblies and H8 LED Fog Light bulbs to fit a wide range of trucks.


LED Fog Light Technology in Automotive Applications

Another advantage that today’s LED technology offers to the automotive and truck industries is that new design methods and materials used in the manufacturing processes make them quite a bit more water resistant and waterproof in certain applications. Using an H11 LED Fog Light assembly and an H11 LED Fog Light Bulb will produce a much brighter amount of light than traditional incandescent light bulbs. The new LED bulbs feature small LED chips that help to better focus the light and reduce the need for additional older optic technology to produce the same focussed beam of light. This advancement also allows the bulb and light assembly to be smaller in size and use a lesser amount of power to produce more light.


Depending on the make and model of your truck, the H11 Fog Light Assembly and H8 Fog Light Assembly can easily be purchased and replace the original fog light that came with your truck.

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