Dress Up Your Old Guy and Make It NEW

With the coming of the new year, dress up your car to get a cool “new” car. There are all kinds of atmosphere lights on the market, which are installed in different parts. Let's see where we can decorate them.

 In the interior of a car, installing the light in the dashboard, the center console or the front of the seat will both have a magical effect.

To create a better atmosphere, you can install a project light to illuminate the whole car.

A little surprise when you opening the door

As for the outside of the car, it needs a more dazzling, full car light to illuminate. Like high flash solar induction light with 16 lights bead that mounted on the wheel hub.

Wheel Ring Lights mounted in wheel.

Isn't that cool? Come on, get it now. Make your car the brightest and coolest in the communit.

If you'd like to get more about  it, click here: https://flasharkracing.com/collections/car-light

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