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With the rapid progress of automobile technology, the automobile center console is also quietly evolving. From the traditional key operation to full touch, this is undoubtedly a great leap, which not only represents the progress of science and technology, but also improves the gradeIn recent years. Tesla car has become the world's highest selling car. Since the release of Tesla Model 3 in 2017, its simple interior, strong power and increasingly mature autopilot, especially the 15.4-inch display, are deeply loved by buyers.

The combination of Tesla's display screen and the decoration of the central control is very beautiful and cool. Take a look at our flash online store. We showed Tesla toughened glass screen saver and arbor black center sun shield kit.

Why do you need Tesla tempered glass and sunshade cover kit?

Tesla's y and 3 models have a large touch screen navigation screen, so it is easy to produce screen glare in the sun. The screen shines on your eyes, your eyes are tired and unsafe to drive. Toughened glass film can effectively protect the screen from scratches and fingerprints

With that being said. Let's take a look at the products

Sun Shade Protector Cover Kit:


It protects the 15.4-inch Tesla display, blocks the direct sunlight, increases daytime light visibility, enjoys bright navigation, and makes it more convenient and safe for you to drive

Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

Tempered Glass Screen Protector



  • [compatible models] Frosted screen protective film is compatible with Tesla Model 3 and model y 15 inch screens
  • [Matte]The side view screen will not reflect light, and the daily driving will not be troubled by glare, so as to reduce the probability of accidents
  • [Anti fingerprint] The surface of frosted screen protective film is carefully engraved by laser. Let your fingers touch without fingerprints and feel smooth without jamming. It is not necessary to wipe the screen with a cleaning cloth every day after installation。
  • [9Hhardness]Frosted screen saver, after 3 times of high temperature tempering, the hardness reaches 9h. Ordinary daily collision will not damage your screen, nor will it break easily。


The Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Sun Shade Protector Cover Kit, together with the dazzling Tesla center control strip lamp, make the whole car different

Tesla Model 3Y Neon Light

FLASHARK 2021 Tesla Model 3/Y Neon Light

 Perfect Tesla central control

If you want to drive Tesla cars for a comfortable driving experience, choose them.


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