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There are three common auto headlight sources, which are halogen light source, xenon light source and LED light source. One of the most widely used and familiar is the halogen light source headlights, its light-emitting principle and the same as the daily household light bulbs, using tungsten filament light.

Halogen headlights have the advantage of strong penetrating ability, cheap, but also very obvious disadvantages of low brightness, short effective life. In recent years more advanced xenon headlights and LED headlights have also begun to be widely used, many car owners or friends who are ready to buy a car are not clear what the difference between xenon headlights and LED headlights in the end, who better to use?

Today we will learn about the xenon headlights and LED headlights which are one or several levels higher than the halogen headlights in the end what is the difference and how we should choose.

Luminous principle

First of all, we need to briefly understand the xenon headlights and LED headlights light-emitting principle, xenon headlights bulbs inside the visible light-emitting objects like tungsten, but in the bulb is filled with several different chemical gases, including xenon gas content is the largest. It is invisible to our naked eye. Then the car's original 12V voltage is increased to 23000V through an external booster, then the gas in the bulb glows, and finally the light is gathered through the lens to achieve the lighting effect. Do not be frightened by the high voltage of 23000V, in fact, this is able to effectively protect the car's power supply.

LED headlights are more advanced light-emitting principle, strictly speaking, LED headlights do not have a light bulb, but a similar circuit board semiconductor chip as a light source. Then use reflectors or lenses to focus light so as to achieve the lighting effect. As the heat is relatively large, the general LED headlights have cooling fans behind.

Advantages and disadvantages

After understanding the light-emitting principle of LED headlights and xenon headlights, I believe you probably know the basic difference between the two light sources headlights. Next, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of headlights in the process of daily use.


The advantages of xenon headlights

1. Brightness is three times the ordinary halogen headlights

2. The bulb does not have tungsten-like luminous material, longer service life

3. The light color temperature close to sunlight, the light is softer at night when lighting

4. When encountering a fault will not suddenly go out, there is a slow process of extinguishing, effectively improving safety performance


The disadvantages of xenon headlights

1. The response rate is slow, it takes about 2-5 seconds to fully light up after opening the xenon headlights.

2. Xenon light is more diffuse, you must use a lens.

3. Penetrating power is not as good as halogen headlights.


Advantages of LED headlights

1. High brightness, is the brightest light source of the three kinds of lights.

2. Small size, conducive to the design of the headlight shape

3. Fast response, open the button when entering the tunnel, basement headlights can immediately reach the brightest state.

4. Long life, the effective life of LED headlights can be up to 7-9 years.


Disadvantages of LED headlights

1. Poor penetration ability, rain and fog, such as halogen headlights

2. Expensive, selling price is 3-4 times the halogen headlights

3. The light color temperature is high, long time use will make the eyes uncomfortable


See here I believe you already fully know what the difference between the car's LED headlights and xenon headlights, as for who better to use, I think that because each headlight has its own advantages and disadvantages, so according to your own car situation to choose headlights more appropriate. If you often drive in urban areas, high brightness LED headlights can let you see more clearly. Welcome to our store to choose your favorite lights.


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