EGR Delete Kits: 08 Duramax, 6.4 Powerstroke & 2023 Ram 3500

Are you among those truck owners struggling with power gains? Or want to transform your diesel truck into a power beast? EGR Delete Kits will let your Ford, Ram, and Chevy run at their best. Get ready to discover the truck’s full potential by saying goodbye to limits and welcoming maximum efficiency. 

Diesel Trucks: Essential Concepts for EGR Systems

Most modern semi-trucks come with EGR that cleans the exhaust gases. Due to its round shape, some may see it as a combustion engine. Now, coming to its function. This EGR takes waste, cools it, and then sends it back to the combustion chamber. 

In place of some air that would normally be used to burn the fuel, this cool exhaust does the job. This burns off any diesel that is still in the exhaust, which lowers NOx pollution and fuel use. The EGR also drops the amount of soot in the exhaust, which means that there are fewer regens. Of course, regens are how the truck cleans the DPF by burning off the soot that builds up on it. 

Benefits of EGR Delete Kits

Recently, most people have shifted their interests to removing EGR systems. Let’s discuss the advantages of an EGR delete and why you might want to think about getting one. 

  • One of the best things about removing the EGR is that it makes the engine run better.
  • EGR system removal lowers carbon buildup and increases oxygen to the engine.
  • By removing EGR, you can get better throttle control.
  • EGR removal can also give the truck more horsepower, and better gas mileage.
  • It also makes the car more reliable.
  • The EGR system can also make diesel engines wear out faster than they should.
  • You can cut down on carbon buildup and make your engine last longer.
  • In the long run, you can save money on fixes and services.
  • By taking out the EGR system, you can change how well your truck runs to suit your needs. 

08 Duramax EGR Delete Kits & Their Characteristics


08 Duramax EGR Delete Kits & Their Characteristics
08 Duramax EGR Delete Kits are usually designed for 6.6L Chevy and GMC models from the year 2007 to 2010. It removes the EGR valve and cooler. Its main feature is a high-flow air charge pipe. This pipe replaces the stock plastic to improve airflow and give the car more power. This improved version goes one step further by including a high-flow intake tube that keeps the coolant moving. This keeps the engine running cooler (about 5°C cooler) than normal EGR delete kits for this Duramax. Overall, these kits are meant to make your LMM Duramax run better and more efficiently. 

Everything about Powerstroke 6.4 EGR Delete

Everything about Powerstroke 6.4 EGR Delete
The 6.4 Powerstroke EGR Delete Kit is especially compatible with Ford models available for 2008, 2009, and 2010 years. It boosts your Powerstroke 6.4L engine. This 6.4 Powerstroke EGR Delete Kit has numerous benefits like better engine longevity, up to 20% better gas mileage, and low engine temperatures. It does this by removing the EGR valve and fan, which can get clogged up and slow down the engine. But there is a big catch: EGR deletes can only be used off-road. In most places, they are illegal for street cars because they get around emissions controls. Before you buy, check the rules in your area. 

Ram 3500 Performance Boost

Ram 3500 Performance Boost
This Kit normally works for 6.7L Cummins Diesel from 2010 to 2023 year. It maintains coolant temperatures. Your car will have reduced soot buildup and cleared EGR valves through this kit. This makes the engine cooler overall. The motor no longer gets hot exhaust fumes, which makes the combustion process cleaner and more efficient. 

The Flashark 2023 Ram 3500 Delete Kit does more than just the basics. It replaces the EGR valve and cooler and comes with a coolant re-route line that keeps coolant hoses from getting clogged. The kit also has a transmission dipstick and a coolant hose bracket to make the fitting process easier. 

Duramax VS. Powerstroke VS. Ram 3500 EGR Deletes

EGR deletes kits are something that many drivers want to have. These kits are very helpful in removing systems that reduce emissions.

The Duramax engine is known for its smooth ride. Getting rid of the EGR on Duramax engines (LBZ to LMM models) can give you more power and better gas mileage.

Powerstroke engines (particularly 6.7L) are known for being durable, and 6.7L deletes can lead to big power gains. But deletes for later models can be hard because they have more emissions devices.

Ram Cummins engines are known for having a lot of power and lasting a long time. Cummins engines that don’t have EGR deletes can gain power, but they need to be carefully tuned to avoid maintenance problems and too much smoke. 

Don’t Wait! Get Your EGR Delete Kit Today

Don’t miss the chance to get the most out of your truck. Get the Flashark EGR Delete Kit right now to get rid of soot buildup, boost performance like never before, and make the engine more efficient. Don’t wait any longer! Change the way you drive today and enjoy the benefits of an engine that runs smoother and faster. 

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