An experience of using car interior lights that shocked me! Flashark

I‘m literally fed up! I am a product tester of FLASHARK. Yesterday I was shocked when I was testing a new product! Our company mainly sells car interior products, and then a batch of new products came yesterday, including an interior light. When I opened the package and looked at it, I found that this product is very light, made of PVC rubber, and it is very soft to hold. I thought that quality should not be bad! So I quietly took advantage of no one, pulled it hard, and found that it was impossible to damage it, which made me more interested in it.
Then I accidentally knocked over the water cup next to it and the product was wet. I was especially worried that it would not work properly because I needed to use my own money to compensate for this loss. Fortunately, it still works normally, which makes me Affirmed its quality. Most similar products were tested before having either quality problems or poor appearance. But this product can adjust eight colors, which is very cool. I even want to spend money to buy one to take home and use it when I have a party at home. I also tried to play a piece of music. The light can be adjusted to the rhythm of my music, and I even feel that I am not in the company. Work, but relax in the bar and release the pressure. It feels really wonderful.
In addition, I found that it also has four functions to automatically switch the light mode, two jump modes, and two fade-in modes, all of which I can control through the remote control! There is a small remote control, which is really beyond my expectation. I thought that this kind of thing had a fixed switch pressed on the cable, who knew it was a manual remote control to control the switch, which made me, who is usually very lazy, love this product even more.
Overall, the functionality and practicality of this product are very high. Although this product looks inconspicuous, it is still very cost-effective. It is because of these exciting products that I enjoy this job even more because there will be new products that surprise me at any time!

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