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With the increasing number of Model Y and 3 owners, the demand for accessories is also getting higher and higher, but I don't know what practical accessories are available for the first time I choose accessories. I am also a Model Y owner, and I will share some of my accessories below. I personally think that the accessories are easy to use. Most of the accessories are common to ModelY and 3. I will update the article and add them when I encounter new easy-to-use accessories!


 There are four major troubles in the original car interface, do you have such confusion?

  1. The original C port is occupied by the wireless version, and the data cable charging cannot be used.
  2. The original C port protocol is less and only supports iphone fast charging.
  3. The original c port is connected to other mobile phones, the power is low, and the charging is slow.
  4. The original A port can only use the driving recorder U disk to listen to songs, which is troublesome.

So it is very useful to have a USB LED HUB in the car. This product supports all Tesla models, LED ambient light design, original car customization, integrated central control, compatible with a variety of devices, multi-port intelligent charging. I want you to feel the most basic things comfortably and naturally.

2.Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Various operations of Tesla Model Y are implemented on the central control screen, and the usage rate is very high. Long-term use will inevitably lead to wear and tear. If the screen of the mobile phone is scratched, it is good to replace the screen, but the Model Y central control screen has to be scratched. The whole thing was dismantled and replaced.


If you stick it yourself, I recommend the tempered film. Paste the positioning sticker that comes with the tempered film. It is easy to align it, and the tempered film is not easy to paste air bubbles. Even if you are a novice, the success rate is very high.

3.Storage Box

As we all know, the storage box of the Model Y central control is very deep. It is a large empty box with no small gaps. It is very troublesome to find the messy things after throwing them in. However, adding a storage compartment can organize the clutter in an orderly manner. , it is much easier to find something.

It is recommended to pull out the storage compartment, so that the box can be turned into two layers, the upper layer is for commonly used items, and the lower layer is for some less commonly used items. It is recommended to buy plastic models, which are easy to accumulate dust.

4. Heads Up Display

Since its launch in 2020, the only place that has received more responses in the market is that there is no central control panel in traditional cars. For a car that focuses on the future, it is very fashionable to concentrate technology on the big screen, but in fact, driving on the road may affect the safety habits of some drivers, such as aiming at the center control while driving, easy to speed, etc. Wait, this may cause some driving safety problems during driving. According to research, looking at the central control screen on the mobile phone while driving distracts 80% of the driver's attention, while the remaining 20% is not enough to ensure safe driving. Therefore, many Tesla owners will choose to install a head-up display in the front position to make up for the regret that the original central control does not have a dashboard.

This is a head-up display specially developed and designed for Tesla Model 3. Compared with the original car, it makes up for the regret that the central control of the original car does not have a dashboard, which avoids the inconvenience of driving to see the speed, and it is easy to pay attention to speeding fines. , The speed number of the central control screen is small, and the driving always looks at the central console and other problems.

Provides digital display of information such as driving speed, battery power, and door opening and closing synchronized with the original car. In addition, by connecting the APP data, the hud online real-time navigation display, electronic dog speed measurement prompt and other functions are realized, so that Tesla owners who like to have a dashboard have one more choice. In addition, it also has four practical alarm functions to remind, overspeed alarm, electric voltage alarm, low battery alarm, door not closed alarm, timely reminder is safer.


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